Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Danny Trejo's New 'Bad Ass' Trailer

Hard to call this one. Could be too jokey to draw an audience, could be exactly what people want to see on a Saturday afternoon. Danny Trejo whoopin' on people seems a little clownish, but the footage is there -- we get a glimpse of gun play and the train/bus crash shooting flames, etc., and that's what will get butts in seats.

'Bad Ass' could be the catharsis the average joe is looking for. People wish they could beat someone up every time they read the paper. That's a good angle for Marketing to work.

What I'm expecting is for trailers to move gradually away from the mano-a-mano thing and show more over-the-top action like the bus/train ridiculousness. If they do that buzz will get better. (Right now comments aren't great, people think it's a little silly). The energy will evolve from the current YouTube/'Walking Tall' who cares vibe, into more of a 'Death Wish' shoot-any-thug-I-see feel, and end up somewhere in 'Die Hard' blow-stuff-up-and-save-LA-in-the-process territory. That, really, is what people want to see.

Danny Trejo wearing the funny pack and crashing a train into a bus = cool. Danny Trejo getting into fist fights that get shown on YouTube = kinda boring and we see those videos all the time anyway. Besides, if it's free on YouTube why pay for the movie version?


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