Friday, April 27, 2012

'This Is 40' Trailer -- ApatowApatowApatowApatowApatow

Same actors, same look, same settings, same writer/director/producer. These comedies are starting to look like episodes in a TV series. A good series, but still.

Honestly, I can't go to the theater for (something like) this. It looks fine -- polished, properly shot, script hits all the right marks, people say stuff, etc., but it doesn't have that gotta-see-in-a-theater feel. Maybe it's because it's got regular people in regular situations. I want regular people in extraordinary situations. I want big -- movie theater big. Enough with the spying on your neighbors for 90 minutes.

I'll catch this on...TV -- it won't feel like spying and it won't seem like 90 minutes (or 120 minutes with commercials). It'll just be a TV show. The Judd Apatow Show.


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