Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Stills from John Cusack's 'The Raven'

Just got a new clip. Here's some new pictures.

Don't know why the light in this one (below) is so white. Doesn't match the other stills which have the soft red/green hue you'd expect in a period piece. Could it have something to do with the scene? Did the character that set up the pendulum also install modern white lights? Nah. Probably lit cool/white to give it a clinical feel, considering what's just happened -- or -- it's just an uncorrected still.

I like the balance and mix of color temperatures here (below). Outside is very cool, like the moon, and appropriate. Inside, the light from the lantern (of course it's not coming from the lantern) is warm/soft.

Notice how Cusack is lit from his left but Brendon Gleeson (or is this Kevin McNally?) is not backlit. Not sure if there's any explanation, or attempt at same, as to how Poe could be lit this way, it goes.

One question: Why does Brendon Gleeson appear with a mustache in the top image but without in the 3rd image? Wonder why such a plot element would be included. Did he lose a bet?

At least I think both are Gleeson. Could be the actor in the 3rd shot is Kevin McNally. Probably the case. The other possibility doesn't work. They do look alike, though...


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