Friday, January 30, 2015

'Leviathan' vs The Russian Status Quo

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'Leviathan', Russia's official entry for this year's Oscars, and Golden Globe winner for best foreign film, has been pretty soundly denounced by the Russian powers that be as a deluded vision created by an anti-Putin propagandist.
Neil MacFarquhar’s write-up at NYT has some fairly entertaining bits of damage control. I like this one:
Russia’s culture minister, Vladimir Medinsky, a conservative historian, led the attacks even though his ministry provided a significant portion of the movie’s budget. He acknowledged that “Leviathan” showed talented moviemaking, but said that he did not like it.
I found an interesting article in the New Republic titled “Meet the Second-Rate Academic Who is Vladimir Putin’s Culture Cop. Vladimir Medinsky is nationalist and anti-European, just like Putin.” (In the URL they use the word ‘toady’). This pretty much sums it up:
Before he was appointed minister of culture in 2012, Medinsky published a series of books debunking “myths” about Russia—a text that attempted to refute any negative fact or opinion, including widely accepted truths, such as the poor condition of Russia’s roads.
Medinsky’s work has been met with scathing criticism by Russian historians, who claim that he did not complete original research and that his work is high-school level, at best. 
It’s a good read, but back to the NYT story. They attribute this to Medinsky:
"However much the authors made them swear and swig liters of vodka, that doesn’t make them real Russians."
Good as that is, this is even better:
“ ‘Leviathan’ is a filthy libel against the Russian church and the Russian state,” Kirill Frolov, an Orthodox activist, wrote on his Facebook page, later dismissing accusations of restricting freedom as immaterial. “ ‘Leviathan’ is evil, and there is no place for evil in the cinema.”
Much as the state opposes the movie it can be seen in Russia. It’s currently playing in Moscow, although that version has been scrubbed of foul language as required by a new Russian law which prohibits such speech in movies, music, and various writing.

The law took effect in early May 2014, a few weeks before ‘Leviathan’ played at the Cannes Film Festival.


Friday, January 23, 2015

Google’s New Satellites — Or — The Continuing Demise Of Theatrical Distribution Of Motions Pictures — Or — Remember When They Laughed At HBO?

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Two articles in yesterday’s NYT caught my eye. The first one, by Conor Dougherty, is about Google’s planned satellite delivery of internet service to people living in parts of the world where there is none, and the other is about the changing nature of the movie business, especially at the Sundance Festival.

Re: those Google birds. The search engine is investing $1 billion in SpaceX to get satellites launched so that an estimated 3 billion people in certain parts of the world can access the internet. (That’s billion, not million). They spent $500 million last year acquiring Skybox Imaging, which also makes satellites, so they’re pretty serious, and I’m betting this will happen sooner rather than later. If Google can make something nobody needs which can’t be utilized — a driverless car — then they certainly can make something as useful as a network of satellites that bring internet service to folks who otherwise would have no chance of logging on.

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

My New Blog

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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

My (New) New Blog Address -- or -- How Stupid Was That?

Okay, I went and moved to my new blog and was sure to tell everyone who reads MoovyBoovy about the change with a link and everything. Then, I changed the name (and, of course, the web address) of the new blog and, as such, anyone who had linked to the old address will be hitting thin air.

So, here's the (new) new address:

It's a small change but I like '101 to LA' better than '101 tola'. So, if you still come here to MoovyBoovy and you're still interested in following me, you can at the address above. If I lost you forever, well, I guess that's that.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Like An SNL Skit About Something That's Not That Funny That We See All The Time Anyway

'A.C.O.D.' is a pretty bad title. It's a made-up acronym. Yeah, sure, there are (adult) children of divorced parents, however nobody refers to these people as ACODs, and I don't see too many people stepping up to the box office saying, "Two tickets for ACOD, please."

Then, there's the acting. Adam Scott's technique is a throwback, a collection tics and stammering that it's safe to say went out of style some years ago, that really is only seen in SNL skits anymore, if then. He's good at it, well-practiced I believe would be the best assessment, but I don't think anyone will buy into his character or will want to sit through scenes like this for 90 minutes.

Then, there's the situation: This guy decides to marry a girl he's been dating for four months. Who cares? Marry her. Get divorced in five or six years. The situation doesn't come off as 'situational' comedy. It's more like everyday life. I'm sure they mine the situational quirks for all they're worth, but it feels flat.

You know what would make this into a, technically speaking, situational gag? If she didn't speak English, or if she were one of two conjoined twins, or from another planet. Now, that's "Situational".

Okay. I'm not going to be publishing on MoovyBoovy much longer. If you'd like to read the rest of this you can at my new blog

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