Monday, April 30, 2012

Breaking! New Japanese Poster for 'Brave' Introduces New Characters/Plot Elements? Hmm...

New poster is okay. Getting busier, more elements, way too saturated (I toned it down quite a bit if you can believe that).

Very nice. But, who's this behind the rock wearing Johnny Depp's Tonto crow-hat?

I don't remember seeing a witch (no offense, and excuse me if I'm judging a book by its cover, but that's what she looks like) in trailers. I think I'd remember. New plot element?

Really, though, the rendition is a bit goofy for Pixar. Maybe that's the gag: This is the goofy witch of the west, or something. They could be dipping their toe into some slapstick plotlines. Prefer to think (hope) that's not the case. Makes me shiver.

Anyway...interesting. But! That's not all! Who/what, pray tell, is this?

Did Goofy Witch conjure up the sparkly spirit of a wolf or perhaps a bear? (Can you tell Pixar is in bed with Disney)? You'd think I'd remember seeing that in a trailer.

So exciting! Will Princess Merida be able to (INSERT: unknown storyline) with the aid of (INSERT: name of wolf/bear spirit) summoned by Goofy Witch? Rest assured, I'll keep watching the web for any further clues and will pass them on to you instantly. Stay tuned!


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