Saturday, April 14, 2012

Google Celebrates Doisneau's 100th Birthday

My favorite street shooter is Henri Cartier-Bresson, but also on the shortlist is Robert Doisneau. Here's Google's doodle in honor of his 100th birthday.

This is probably his best-known shot, 'The Kiss by the Hôtel de Ville'

Everybody knows it. Shot in Paris in 1950 it was surely influenced by Alfred Eisenstaedt's shot from 1945, The Kiss in Times Square, VJ Day:

Now, the sailor clearly knows Eisenstaedt is there. Look at his hand -- pulled back weirdly so as not to obscure the shot. That's fine. Natural of him not to want to ruin an historic photograph, but a bit of a put on.

Above capture by Doisneau involved a bit of a put on as well: paid models. Not that I have a problem with that as Doisneau's shot captures the spirit of life in France after WWII and is by every measure better than Eisenstaedt's.

Does it matter? The guy took great pictures. Here's one I admire.


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