Tuesday, April 24, 2012

'Iron Sky' Fires Warning Shots

'Iron Sky' opened in Finland, landing 1st, taking $623,673 on 88 screens (PSA $7,087).

Is that good? As a comparison let's look at 'The Hunger Games' numbers. THG opened in Finland March 23, also landing 1st, taking $541,202 on 76 screens (PSA $7,121).

'Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol' opened #1, taking $414,249 on 87 screens (PSA $4,761).

But wait. It's a Finnish movie. Of course it will do well in Finland. Show us numbers that count. Okay -- in Germany 'Iron Sky' opened at #8 with $1.3m on 162 screens (PSA $8,230). That week, THG was #1 in its 3rd frame with $3.2m on 637 screens (PSA $5,085), while 'Mirror Mirror' opened at #6 with $1.4m on 407 screens (PSA $3,639).

According to the director's blog 'Iron Sky' has made $6.5m so far. 'Iron Sky' played SXSW, but the wide US release date has not been set.

'Iron Sky' ain't doing bad for a little movie made with crowd-sourced funds.


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