Thursday, January 31, 2013

Must-Watch Video of Full Moonrise

No effects, no CGI. Straight out of the camera.

Don't skip this one.

Full Moon Silhouettes from Mark Gee on Vimeo.

Tech details at photographer Mark Gee's site


Pop The New Trailer for 'Side Effects'

Watching this it occurs to me everything Steven Soderbergh does has made-for-TV zip. I don't mean that in a bad way. I couldn't really support that notion (obviously). His movies certainly aren't superficial, but that TV energy, that edge -- the moment to moment pop needed to keep people from changing the channel -- is present in Soderbergh's work.

I can't think of another director that delivers that. It's something about the way dialogue cuts, loaded scenes, and the intensity and closeness of blocking especially in tight places like offices (but it's also there in outdoor scenes). It's a density we see in TV shows all the time. I believe that's the case for all his work. I can't think of an exception.

Movies with subtext and layers, yes, we get them from many directors and 'Side Effects' I'm sure will deliver on those levels. But, we don't get many movies with the kind of sizzle Soderbergh brings. The guy can make anything good. Not many directors would tackle the stories Soderbergh produces, not without adding plot devices meant to add spice which, in turn, would cheapen it up and dumb it down.

Soderbergh keeps it real but makes it entertaining.

As for these trailers, they keep getting better. For some reason I had my doubts about this at first. Now, it's a total must-see.


Ooooh 'Unforgotten Shadows'

This looks good. Something about the camera/acting. We may see good things from director Lubomir Levitski. Flick will be tough to find as it's a Ukrainian production, but you'll probably be able to stream it from someplace soon.


Existential Animation

'The Chase'

by Trunk Animation

The Chase from Trunk Animation on Vimeo.


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Disney Short Animated Film 'Paperman'

We got a look back in July. Here's the film.


'Side Effects' Clips

Little snippets of Soderbergh goodness. The guy can direct.


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Etc, Et Al

It's amazing what's on the web if you look.

Maya Rudolph and Sam Rockwell at Sundance 2013. Apparently, they were napping a bit. It was a busy festival. They were tired. Give them a break.

Here's Mia Wasikowska and Nicole Kidman, also from Sundance


Recycling Movie Ideas -- or -- Shooting The Glass...Again

Here's a new clip from 'A Good Day to Die Hard' that includes some shooting of glass.

And here's one from 'Die Hard' where they, yes, schieß dem fenster.


Poster for 'Trance'

Love what I've seen of this so far. Another solid flick from Danny Boyle, I'm sure. And, there's something about James McAvoy. He's compelling in an off kilter way. Sort of opposite of Vincent Cassel's in-your-face vibe. With Rosario Dawson as a hypnotist? Gotta see that.

Poster is cut just so. Hot colors, weird layout. Might make a cool carpet.


Starlings. Lots and Lots of Starlings

Best in HD


Clip from 'Girls Against Boys'

It's easy to dismiss 'Girls Against Boys' as a cheap shocksploitation B-horror flick but nothing I've seen from the movie supports that.

Here's a nicely turned clip. This could come from any character-driven indie that was destined to win awards, or at least garner critical approval. Love the reveals. Good editing and camera from director Austin Chick.


Poster for 'Burt Wonderstone'

Sorry, that should be 'The Incredible Burt Wonderstone'. Yeah, I'm thinking of changing my last name to Wonderstone.

It's funny how a good poster makes the movie look like something you'd want to catch. Sounds stupid to say that, I know, but when you consider how many atrocious one sheets roll out and how much potential business such graphics lose (throw away), it doesn't seem so dumb to admire a good poster when one comes along.

Seriously, 'Abracatastic' is an appropriate description. Take my money!

Now, if they could put together a good trailer...


Short Film of the Day

'A Day in India' from The Perennial Plate


A Day in India from The Perennial Plate on Vimeo.


Monday, January 28, 2013

360 Degree View From Top Of World's Tallest Building

By photographer Gerald Donovan. Here's the write up from the Daily Mail. Here's the interactive site.

Recommend you go full screen on this and zoom way in to see details.

Here's a promo vid which, really, only hints at the wow factor of this imagery.



How often does the trailer for a movie stop you, take you out of your routine, and transport you to another place? How often can a simple still actually look good, make you want to see the movie?

So far, 'Inside Llewyn Davis' is looking better than good.


Friday, January 25, 2013

Creating The Magic -- or -- Practical VFX -- aka -- Killing The Magic

Everybody knows this poster for AMC's 'The Walking Dead'. Nice work. Good subtext -- modern life and all our machinery is no longer worth anything and we have to ride horses into empty cities everybody died trying to leave. Sure.

Here's an early composite the poster was made from.

Here's the original shot.

Before, after. Before, after.



Clip from 'Warm Bodies'

This is working on all levels. As comedy, drama, a character-driven piece, even as standard-issue horror suspense flick.


Clip from 'Gambit'. Written by the Coens, However...

The fact 'Gambit' was written by Joel and Ethan Coen is front and center on the poster. Their names are above the title no less.

Since when does the screenwriter's name(s) go above the title? That's where the star's name(s) go. That's where the hottest selling point goes, yes? Well... Perhaps that answers the question. The Coens work has a lot of fans. Who doesn't love the Coens' movies?

And, it may have looked clever on paper, may have read funny as hell but, as directed by Michael Hoffman, the screenplay for 'Gambit' is rendered as shtick.

US release is potentially set for winter 2013. So, 'Gambit' will make a play at the end of the year against the strongest awards contenders when competition for box office dollars is toughest. That, truly, is a gambit.

I can't see anyone wanting to see this. Not at the theater (especially in fall/winter), not on TV, not on cable. Not anytime.

The only thing missing from the clip are drum stings. Who could sit through 90 minutes of this stuff?


Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Trailer for 'Upside Down'

Not bad. Hard not to be curious.


Kathryn Bigelow in Time Magazine: 'Zero Dark Thirty' The Most Talked About Movie of The Year?

I believe it is. I don't think any movie has been talked about nearly as much as 'Zero Dark Thirty'.

Cover story

Time on ZDT


First Clip from 'jOBS': "Nobody Wants To Buy A Computer. Nobody!"


Must-Watch Trailer for 'Inside Llewyn Davis'

The next offering from Ethan and Joel Coen. Simply stunning.

Anne Thompson gets a look 2/9. Her write up will be must-read. Until then, here's the trailer.


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Happy New Year 2013! with Juliette Lewis

This actually happened to me. No kidding. Someone did this exact thing one year. Really. 


Jeff Wells on 'Lincoln'

Jeff Wells (Hollywood Elsewhere) is nothing if not opinionated. Thing is, his opinions have become so extreme, is that the right word?, lately (read: increasingly over the last few years) that they've lost a great deal of credibility. 'Heatedly emotional' might be the best, most fair and objective, description of his carrying on. He regularly flirts with topics that nobody would touch and often puts his cards on the table with blatant disregard for, well...standards.

Erik Lundegaard has a pretty cool rundown of Wells' flip-flopping on 'Lincoln'. Here's a bit:

He searches for people who agree with him. Here's one: an unnamed producer! Who says he would've left early but AN AFRICAN-AMERICAN was sitting next to him, weeping, and to walk out would be unseemly. Leading JW to imagine this scene:
  • November 10: Weeping African-American Guy: ”Ohh-hoh-hoh...heeeeshh-hee-hee...hee-hee-heesh....weep...weep.“ Producer: ”Excuse me there, fella. Gotta get by.“ Weeping African-American Guy: ”I, uh....wait, you're leaving? I don't even know you but you're leaving? What are you made of? You're walking out on a movie about Abraham Lincoln? Did you vote for Romney? Producer: “It's a free country, pal...okay? You can weep and moan and make all the noise you want, but this is a slow turgid thing and it's not doing it for me. And I voted for Obama, if you want to know.” --Lincoln Reactions, Please
The New York Times agrees with him, too...
  • November 17: “The 11.16 N.Y. Times ”Sweet Spot“ (i.e., A.O. Scott and David Carr chit-chatting and sometimes interviewing Times staffers) is about guilty non-pleasures — art forms and entertainments that you're supposed to like but you just can't. And the most persistent non-pleasure of the Times newsroom? Lincoln.” — Not to Beat a Dead Horse
You know who else agrees with him? Everyone....
  • November 17: “I stood in an Arclight lobby the other night (i.e., just before the Anna Karenina premiere screening) as a crowd that had just seen Lincoln walked past me. They were a bit glummed out; their faces seemed a little somber and even haggard. No faint smiles; no looks of calm or serenity. Most seemed to be saying to themselves, 'All right, that's over...where can we eat? In fact, let's just get a drink.'”Homework and Trances
Erik's write up is worth a read and pretty much dead on.


Clip and Animated Poster Thingy for 'Warm Bodies'

Another candidate for best movie of the year along with 'Movie 43'. Yes, I'm serious. So far, yes, these two flicks impress me the most.


G.I. Joe Explode Fire Shoot Sword


'Side Effects' International Trailer

It's like Soderbergh can make anything into a compelling story. Great trailer, better than the first one.

This will be huge as a rental and on TV.


To-The-Point Red Band Trailer for 'Hansel and Gretel'

It'll be interesting to see whether this movie has a story that supports the ultra-violent action and whether audiences will want to see it if it's nothing but fluff.

For whatever reason, genre perhaps, I'm thinking the movie won't have a spine and audiences won't be lured by all the splatter. 


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Drop Everything. Watch 'Rwanda'

I believe a fundamental change has occurred in the world. I believe the quality of life in some 3rd world and developing nations has become better than it is in the United States. This certainly was not the case a decade or so ago, but it would appear to be now.

by Mammoth

RWANDA from MAMMOTH on Vimeo.


'Olympus Has Fallen' Trailer

Yeah, I admit it. When I hear a pitch like this I roll my eyes. That title doesn't help. However, trailer is very nicely put together. Gets you into the story. And, have to say, looks viable in the details.

I've got faith in Anton Fuqua. Aaron Eckhart as the president works. Ashley Judd has the chops. Morgan Freeman -- I'd watch a 90 minute movie of him knitting a hat. All of which lends the needed support for Gerard Butler in the hot seat.

With Dylan McDermott, Radha Mitchell, Melissa Leo, Angela Bassett, and Robert Forster... The movie has what it takes. May or may not score at the (domestic) box office but should overseas and on TV/Cable/rental/stream.

Notable about the writers -- Creighton Rothenberger comes from the English Honors Program at the University of Pennsylvania. Really, let's face it, most writers can barely write. Not that such programs necessarily produce good screenwriters but it's worth noting. Then there's Katrin Benedikt. She's from Reykjavík, Iceland and I can't help but wonder if English is a second language. If so, Fuqua put together a capable crew.

I'll be getting the Blu-ray and watching a few times.

Here's the click click trailer.


Monday, January 21, 2013

It's So Effing Boring

Yeah. Agree. 99.9999% of tweets aren't worth reading. They're like 'I just watched TV for an hour!' or 'My lunch sucks' or 'It just started raining. Bummer. Check out the pix' or 'Wow man. Loved your pix of rainy day. Excellent! Too bad for you, though. Really sorry. Keep posting those photos, though.'

Times millions. Billions. That's what we do with our time.


News You Can Use: Original 1966 Batmobile Sells for $4.6 Million

Cnet's coverage


24 x 360 Project

Here's the site


Super Slo-Motion: '8 Hours in Brooklyn'

By variable

8 Hours in Brooklyn from Variable on Vimeo.
Official Vimeo Page of Variable:

All footage was shot within an 8 hour span in Brooklyn, NYC. This piece serves as a visual case study on several aspects of daily life in the borough of Brooklyn.


Shot on Rule Boston Camera's Phantom Flex camera.

Director/Cinematographer: Jonathan Bregel
Color Grade: Khalid Mohtaseb
Production NGAFers: Dan Selby, Jesse Korman, Chris Dowsett
Executive Producer: James Douglas
Production Company: Variable

Song used: Skream - "Where you should be"
Download the album/track here:

Special Thanks to:
Mike Sutton
Rule Boston Camera
E-Rock - Breaks Kru
Tyler Ginter



Clip from 'Escape From Tomorrow'

Have you heard about this flick? Shot by Randy Moore on a Canon 5D entirely at Walt Disney World without the Mouse House's knowledge or permission.

I'll give you a moment to reread that.

Here's the NYT writeup.

Here's an early review.

Some more coverage.

Now let's see if Moore can escape from the lawsuit.


New Clips from 'Warm Bodies'

Have I mentioned how much I like 'Warm Bodies'? It's the indie zombie flick with depth and meaning that will be de rigueur for film buffs but also loved by fans of the genre.

I like it thiiiiiiiissssss much!


Red Band Trailer for 'Movie 43' Now With A Very Animated Very Happy Cat

As usual with stuff related to this movie, this is possibly the best thing you'll see all day.

From what will surely be the best movie of the year:


'Stoker' Trailer/Music Video

Immediately brought to mind the uber-cool first trailer for David Fincher's remake of 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo'. Not as energetic, perhaps, but it's hard to match the forward motion of Trent Reznor and Karen O's cover of Led Zeppelin's 'Immigrant Song'.

To be fair, though, DJ Shadow's 'I Gotta Rokk' is just about as raw as the Zeppelin although with much cleaner minimalistic lines.

The trailers make for an interesting compare/contrast.


'The East' Trailer

We're probably going to hear a lot of people say they like this. Those that wouldn't like it won't see it. Those that don't care won't see it. But, those that see it should like it. So, it will seem like a really cool movie but very few people will catch it or talk about it.

If it pans out I'll rent it and watch a few minutes at a time.


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Review of 'S-VHS'

Yeah. I knew it. You could see it in the trailer.


Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Trailers/Posters for 'Resolution'

Getting good reviews from people that count. Very promising.

Here's the new trailer.

Here's an old teaser.


Friday, January 18, 2013

4K Video Shot on the Canon 1DC

I know what you're thinking. But, you have to check out this video. First though, read the setup by photographer Ben Silberfarb.

  • Shot at 4k. Pans and zooms done in post. Neutral picture profile - no Canon log, no color correction, straight from camera into Premiere Pro, edited at 4k, then exported to 1080p, then Vimeo/YouTube compression (which kills images). Regardless, I really like this camera! Love the latitude to zoom and pan! With c-log I'm getting approx. 12.5 stops of range.
The pans and zooms are done in post. That's a desperation move -- panning and zooming a shot after the fact. It should look like crap, but stays sharp with great dynamic range and wonderful breathing detail that maintains its depth.

Be sure to watch at 720 or 1080p. Control appears lower right after clicking start.


Surprising Trailer for 'At Any Price'

What's the surprise? Watch and see. Okay, I'll give you a hint. Here's what Roger Ebert says about the movie:
  • Dennis Quaid gives one of the performances of a lifetime
  • this film doesn't wrap things up in a tidy package. It is a great film about an American moral crisis. 
  • This is a brave, layered film that challenges the wisdom of victory at any price.
  • novelistic in its events and characters
Yeah, really. Ebert calls director Ramin Bahrani "The best new American director of recent years."

Watching the trailer, in the first few seconds, I couldn't help but be skeptical. It's just so formulaic. I thought comments by other reviewers were a joke. The trailer got better. And better. Then, there's Ebert's comment.

Totally stopped me in my tracks. Can't wait.


Vertical Skydiving World Record 2012

Shot on the GoPro which creates better and better looking video with each new camera. It's becoming a viable option for feature filmmakers.

(Be sure to bump the rez up. Lower right corner after clicking start)


Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Impossible-Not-To-Like Trailer for 'RED 2'

Resistance is futile, this is fun. Not being able to appreciate this is would be a bad sign. I mean, "Please tell me that's a stick of dynamite in your pocket"... that's good stuff. May not win awards, but it'll get you through a bucket of popcorn and a large soda.


Self Portraits by Angelina Jolie

Have you seen these? For Marie Claire. more


Great Trailers for 'Spring Breakers' Y'All

Did, not, see, this, coming. A movie loaded with T&A and guns that's smart and will appeal to cinephiles as well as the average joe. Looks to rake. Wow.

Here's the 'American-indie-loaded-with-subtext' trailer.

This is the 'when-did-Hollywood-start-making-good-movies?' subtitled Euro version.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Just Exactly Who Is In 'Movie 43'?

Probably one of the best movies of the year.


Trailer for 'S-VHS'

People loved 'V/H/S'. So, naturally, we're getting a sequel. Trailer looks great. Possibly better.


Must-Watch Trailer for 'Mud'

Directed by Jeff Nichols, who did 'Take Shelter' which was as must-see as it gets for cinephiles. With Matthew McConaughey who is becoming the new top dog for character-driven stuff, and Reese Witherspoon who is making a move away from candy-coated movies.

Also with Michael Shannon, who had the lead in 'Take Shelter' and always brings it. Sam Sheppard takes a turn, which can't be missed. And get this, Joe Don Baker is in this. Yeah, I know. 

Here's a clip that shows Nichols' confidence.


Joon-ho Bong's 'Snowpiercer' Taken From Le Transperceneige

Joon-ho Bong is one of those directors whose visual style sets him apart. Much of 'The Host' reminded me of Spielberg's camera work. The quality is there even in the above still from 'Snowpiercer'. Really, most directors could not produce a frame this well done.

There's a lot of interest in the film. One bit that catches my attention is from the synopsis from Wiki:

  • The film is set in a future where, after a failed experiment to stop global warming, an Ice Age kills off all life on the planet except for the inhabitants of the Snow Piercer, a train that travels around the globe and is powered by a sacred perpetual-motion engine. A class system evolves on the train but a revolution brews.
A 'sacred perpetual motion engine'? The perpetual motion part is pretty good but the sacred part is even better. Very interesting. There's plot possibilities in that.

Another interesting thing is the story takes place after a 'failed experiment to stop global warming'. Yeah, that would be par for the course for a screenplay these days -- there ain't a lot of people who argue about the changing environment anymore -- except this movie is based on the graphic novel 'Le Transperceneige'.

The novel was written between 1978 and 1982. So, a story about mankind after global warming has wrecked the environment which was written decades ago and probably conceived of 40 years ago. Somehow, worth noting.

The cast is noteworthy, too.

I mean, really. Could this be any more must-see.

If you missed them, here's some concept art.

These, I believe, are from the novel.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Next Artsy Short-Filmesque Trailer for 'Upstream Color'

This is directed by Shane Carruth who also did 'Primer'. That flick was compelling. It was also elusive. 'Upstream Color' just seems elusive. Of course, it's too soon to say. Just saying, though.

Next up for Carruth is 'A Topiary' which has a pretty cool ring to it. The pitch:

  • A group of young boys comes across a mysterious box that holds magical powers. 

Sounds good.


Monday, January 14, 2013

Trailer/Poster for 'Dark Circles'

Nice premise. Trailer has good tone. Due in April.


Trailers for 'Specter'

Here's the pitch:

  • A supernatural thriller containing real natural disasters intertwined with a narrative story that will keep you guessing until the very end. 

Could be great. Trailers show a lot of confidence. Reminds me of 'Chronicle'.


'The Art Of Flight' Rundown

Have you seen this stuff?

Dolby. Art of Flight from stefan belavy on Vimeo.


'Kisses from 'Vienna'

Unpretentious, flowing. One of the best travel shorts I've seen though it's unfair to categorize this film that way. This is a lovely short that simply captures a slice of life. Beautiful.

Kisses from Vienna from Fabrys on Vimeo.


Short Film shot with the MetaBones Speed Booster

Okay... What's a MetaBones speed booster? Very quickly: it's an adapter with an optical element that goes on your lens (between the lens and the camera) that makes the lens wider, faster, and (get this) sharper.

No way? Impossible? That's what I thought (and still do, a little).

Here's the tech rundown on Philip Bloom's site.

Here's the short shot using the adapter. The film is by James Miller. Here's his Vimeo link. If you're not interested in wonky photo gear the film is still worth watching. Very nice.


'Bates Motel' Posters

Don't think the show will have much to do with the Hitchcock film (how could it?) but these posters are good.

There's a few more


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Flowers Blooming in Time Lapse

Short film by Katka Pruskova

From Vimeo

Flowers Timelapse from Katka Pruskova on Vimeo.


"God Won't Help You" Poster for 'Carrie'

A tad cheesy, a tad scary. If it were anyone other than Julianne Moore it would be just plain cheesy. I'm liking how 'Carrie' is looking already. Could be special.


Friday, January 11, 2013

Trailer for 'A Place At The Table' -- Jeff Bridges: "If Another Country Was Doing This To Our Kids We Would Be At War"

Scary stuff. Here's the Facebook page


Trailer for 'The Power of Few'

Funny title. Weird premise. Don't get the genre. Can't figure it. But, you can't take your eyes off this trailer.

And, Christopher Walken...boy does he own this. It's funny how he looks weird, like bad VFX. Does that have something to do with his character?

Interesting. Promising. wow


New Trailer for 'Filly Brown'

They're saying good things.

Here's a teaser that came out a while back. I like it better.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Really? That's How It Was? Trailer for '42'

So, Jackie Robinson is playing second and makes an error. The crowd starts jeering, yelling death threats. Shortstop Pee Wee Reese goes over and puts his arm around Jackie and looks at the stands. The crowd goes silent.

'42' is looking must-see. Great trailer. Wow.


Trailer for 'Trance'

Starts not so good, ends great.

In the first few seconds of the trailer for 'Trance' you get that sinking feeling. The actors have that 'look, we're in a movie' vibe, camera is generic, setup is a tad dusty. This only gets worse once the premise is fully disclosed: Some guy (James McAvoy) knows where a stolen painting is hidden. The thief (Vincent Cassel) wants to know where it is. Problem is, McAvoy can't remember due to a head injury. Enter hypnotist (Rosario Dawson) to pick the locks and get the data.


Okay, fine. Sounds like a TV show plot. At this point, however, the trailer starts to change and it's almost as if it's pitching a different movie, like a prestige film, a suspense thriller directed by a craftsman. It crept up on me and I didn't even realize it until later. I was spellbound.

And, that craftsman? That would be Danny Boyle, who could make the phone book seem like a page-turner. Imagery had become dynamic and bold, acting had gone from technique-y to invisible, characters attained depth and substance, and the story had sprung to life. In the space of a few seconds 'Trance' had gone from rent-maybe to see-absolutely.

'Trance' is written by Joe Ahearne and John Hodge. Ahearne writes for TV and could be quite good, but I wouldn't know since I don't watch TV. Hodge, however, wrote Boyle's first feature, 'Shallow Grave' (as well as 'Trainspotting'), and it's a gem. An excellent character-driven suspense thriller. 'Shallow Grave' is the rare ensemble piece that has propulsion even when very little is going on. Everyday moments are laced with a sense of dread and/or comedy and there is a palpable thread of suspense throughout. The movie seems alive. It's very entertaining. If you haven't seen it, do.

Between the writers' conjuring and the director's rendering 'Trance' is looking very nice indeed.

So, I have to conclude, despite the by-the-numbers way the trailer starts, this movie is must-see. Apologies in advance, but by the end of this trailer I found 'Trance' hypnotic.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Will Ferrell Struggles with Concept of Twitter


New Still from 'Spring Breakers'

At least that's what it looks like. Tweeted by Rachel Korine who says, "We can't wait to release this shit."  No idea who the guy is.


Pretty Much Must-See Trailer for Quentin Dupieux's 'Wrong'

You know how some movie titles have to include the director's name? Like, without the guy's (or girl's) name the title means nothing. 'Wrong' is one of those. I mean, without Quentin Dupieux's name nobody knows what you're talking about. That goes for 'Rubber', too.

Without Dupieux's name you get exchanges like this:

PERSON A: Did you like 'Rubber'? 

PERSON B: What? Did I like rubber? What rubber?

A: No. Did you like the movie, the one directed by Quentin Dupieux, called 'Rubber'? 

B: Oh, 'Rubber'. "Quentin Dupieux's 'Rubber'." Yeah! It was cool.

See what I mean?

So, here's the new trailer for "Quentin Dupieux's 'Wrong'". 


JJ Abrams' Bad Robot Set Up

 Great stuff. via Firstshowing

The Avid site



'Mobius' Trailer/Posters -- Don't Say Much But Do So With Authority

How sure is Tim Roth here. How assured can a trailer and a couple posters be. All while giving us no real clue as to plot specifics. And, the thing is, at the end of the trailer you don't care, you just want to see the movie. Don't know what you're in for but want to see it.

Gotta say, not bad.


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