Monday, April 30, 2012

Samuel L. Jackson to Donald Trump: Golf with Bill Clinton? Yeah, Just Last the Bahamas

Photo: Peter Yang for The New York Times

I love this from the NYT Magazine profile on Samuel L. Jackson:
  • Jackson has never been ashamed of his work — “I entertained an enormous amount of people,” he said; “besides, everyone wants to be a movie star” — nor of the money that has afforded him a mansion in a gated and guarded community on a hilltop in Beverly Hills and the free time to play golf with celebrities like his buddy Donald Trump. One day, Jackson told me, Trump said to him, “My friend Bill might play with us next week, Sam.” Jackson said, “Bill who?” Trump said, “Clinton.” Jackson said, “Oh, yeah, I played with Bill last week in the Bahamas.” 
It's a good read.


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