Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bike Porn: New Trailer for 'Premium Rush'

First trailer was...well...clunky. New one much better, tighter.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is white-hot right now, and Michael Shannon is go-to for the bad guy.


Turns of Phrase by David Mamet

Forgive me for stating the obvious, but he's got a way with words. I love the 'That's why they call it money' bit from 'Heist', written and directed by Mamet. Probably my favorite part of the movie. I like how Mamet had DeVito pause in the middle of a sentence to eat a pretzel.

I didn't care much for 'The Spanish Prisoner'. A tad overly crafted, or perhaps over indulgent would be more correct as Mamet directed his own script. Here's a clip, complete with several interruptions, repeated dialogue, pauses in the middle of sentences, stilted made-for-TV camera work, poor lighting, and crash and slash editing. All of which, however, is balanced out by some very elegant non-verbal writing at the end of the scene -- one of the perks of directing your own script: you keep everything you wrote whether it's excessive or not...and sometimes you get lucky.

This is from 'Wag the Dog', directed by Barry Levinson. Mamet shares writing credit with Larry Beinhart and Hilary Henkin. Scene has the Mamet touches. Here, though, the repeated dialogue carries more meaning. It's reiterated for emphasis, with growing emotional energy from Dustin Hoffman, and is the primary source of energy, the scene's backbone.

This is from 'Ronin'. JD Zeik wrote the script but Mamet got a pass. This scene has the same markers: repeated dialogue (amped by De Niro's performance -- he loves to repeat dialogue no matter who wrote the script, so I'm guessing we're getting repeats on repeats) and good non-verbal elements. The combination of styles yields re-emphasized dialogue that is practically weaponized, but it adds good depth of character. Visuals by John Frankenheimer.

Possibly the purest Mamet: 'Glengarry Glen Ross'.


Tidbits: Working Actors Who Actually Work for a Living


Photo: Josh Haner/NYT

Was surprised by the inclusion of Ryan Metcalf in the NYT write-up about people who work catering gigs to make ends meet while pursuing artistic careers. Who's Ryan Metcalf? He played Frank in Whit Stillman's 'Damsels in Distress'. Here he is with Greta Gerwig (Violet).

This from his profile:

WHY CATERING: The pay is good and I always have a job to return to. 

FAVORITE VENUE: Anything with D.J.’s, with music blasting and people having a great time dancing. 

LEAST FAVORITE: Anything with kids. It’s not that I’m anti-children. I just really don’t like swarms of them attacking me while I serve sweets or candy. It gets vicious. 

Next up, Metcalf has 'It Just Happens', a rom-com directed by Clare Halpine. With a runtime of 42 minutes this doesn't look like a theatrical release but, hopefully, things will get rolling for Ryan soon.


New Stills from 'Rock of Ages'

There's a bunch of new ones floating around. I like these.


New Poster for Tim Burton's 'Frankenweenie'

Dog is less shy than in the first poster.


New Trailer for 'The Bourne Legacy' Drops a Huge Reveal

When it comes to this property you have to wonder how each installment will compare to what came before, especially when you switch out the lead actor. How, for instance, will they keep fight scenes and car chases fresh? New trailer gives us a taste of it and they did a pretty damn good job.

We also get a plot/backstory bombshell.

iTunes has it in very nice looking hi-def


The 'Branded' Rollout

We just got the trailer, which is loaded with QR codes that lead to the movie's site, ads, etc. Like these:


Mind-Control Trailer for 'Branded'


'Prometheus' B-Roll

These can be to rough to watch but this one is pretty good. In fact, you get a sense of plot and, like a lot of the promotional materials for this movie, there's something of a spoiler.


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Trailer/Poster for 'The Imposter'

Very scary. Wow.


Shining Clip from Sarah Polley's 'Take This Waltz'

Fantastic stuff. Luke Kirby and Michelle Williams deliver a live-wire performance in a demanding scene -- like something out of a theater workshop (there isn't any dialogue and they convey the most subtle shifts).

Great arc: From them forcing themselves to enjoy the ride to be polite, to the swaying (everyone in the audience will want them to kiss), to her really getting off on the music and being with him, to the comical return to reality when the lights go up and the music stops.

Superbly executed. What surely looked dumb on the page springs to life under Polley's direction. 'Take This Waltz' is must-see. The reason a lot of us go to the movies.


New Snippets from 'Prometheus'

It's funny, and I'm sure done on purpose. In (below) clip we see yet another robot open yet another door despite orders not to.

I'll bet Scott, Spaihts, and Lindelof loaded 'Prometheus' with moments like this.

Nod to AvPGalaxy


'Snow White and the Huntsman' Goes Viral with Character Videos for The Bowman and Queen Ravenna

We've seen character posters before -- most summer movies roll them out -- but I think 'Snow White and the Huntsman' is the first movie to have character videos/trailers.

And...they're good.


Peter Sciretta and Alex Billington Review 'Prometheus'. Spoiler: They Liked It

"I was lost in the beautiful spectacle of it for the entire two hours."


Sumptous, Bleak, and Moving Trailer for 'Les Misérables'

Production design to burn. Great camera -- wide angle stuff especially good.

Though Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe have been getting all the press, I can't say Anne Hathaway has ever looked better.

Trailer gets under your skin. This may score.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

'Hemingway & Gellhorn', What Critics are Saying...

I just like this. This feels like good viewing. Something you could visit from time to time.


Daily Dose of 'Prometheus' -- Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender, and Ridley Scott Talk It Up

There's more genuine excitement surrounding this movie than I think I've ever seen. So much respect for Ridley Scott and the story he and writers Damon Lindelof and Jon Spaihts created. To hear the actors go on you can tell they believe this is special.

A nice little featurette (even though we get one every other day). And, to hear Scott talk about the possibility of another film in this series is...good.


'I Killed Adolf Hitler' and 'Deus X' Announced, plus 'Iron Sky' to get a Prequel and a Sequel

Here's the latest from Timo's blog.

First up, 'I Killed Adolf Hitler', about two hitmen (from the future) who go back in time to, yes that's right, kill Adolf Hitler.

Then, there's 'Deus X' about religious wars in space.

Vuorensola also plans a sequel and prequel to 'Iron Sky'.

Total Eye Candy Trailer for 'Total Recall'

Director Len Wiseman did a good job in his turns with the 'Underworld' series and 'Live Free or Die Hard' had a pretty good look. Writers Kurt Wimmer (Salt) and Mark Bomback (Unstoppable, Live Free or Die Hard) have chops so, on paper (so to speak), this movie should have what it takes.

There's something working against this one, though. Action seems watered down somehow. Visually, it's put together nicely but doesn't spark, doesn't look original or new. Matrix-esque shots are well-cut but we've seen bullet time before. A lot of the other eye candy is a blend of 'Blade Runner' and 'The Fifth Element' with familiar bits from other movies.

I'm not sensing much heat online. Looking like a strong rental at this point.


Monday, May 28, 2012

'Star Wars' Uncut: Director's Cut

If you haven't seen this you're a dork.

Shot in one take except where edited.


Daily 'Prometheus' Eye Candy

Not much new here but, first up is a featurette about the spaceship.

Here's Idris Elba speaking with WSJ.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Production Video from the set of Ron Howard's 'Rush'

Looks to be from BBC.

With comments from Howard, producer Andrew Eaton, Chris Hemsworth (James Hunt), Daniel Brühl (Niki Lauda), Niki Faulkner (production race car driver).

Great stuff. Howard is brewing up a hit. This will be must-own on Blu-ray.


Robert Pattinson and David Cronenberg Talk 'Cosmopolis'

These interviews coming out of Cannes have similar traits: Intelligent questions, substantive reactions, and people who are engaged in the process. It's what I've come to expect from interviews conducted by European journalists and, unfortunately, very different, if not the opposite, from what we get from, say, MTV or EW, etc.


(Extended) "What Did He Say?" Clip from 'Prometheus'

A few seconds longer than what we got a couple days ago.

Have to say, the the way this ends is refreshing. I'm weary of the glossy superhero play-acting/dress-up 'conflict'. This is a cut above. by IceDarkness


Opening Sequence of Charles Bronson's 'The Mechanic'

If you haven't seen this 1972 film -- perhaps Charles Bronson's best -- you're missing out.

Directed by Michael Winner (Death Wish, The Sentinel).

The music -- effective, edgy, dissonant while avoiding gimmickry -- was by Jerry Fielding, whose scores for 'The Outlaw Josey Wales', 'Straw Dogs', and 'The Wild Bunch' were nominated for Academy Awards.

Here's the (compressed) opening scene which is known for having no dialogue despite running 16 minutes. It's also one of the reasons I fell in love with movies.

Today, movies have much more polish visually, but rarely hook the audience this well.


Trailer for 'Fortress'

VFX look pretty good, though you only see a few seconds in this trailer. This was straight-to-video and, besides the flying/combat sequences, probably doesn't have that much to offer but might be rewarding if you're a fan of WWII movies.


New Poster for 'Snow White and the Huntsman' Encourages us to "See the Movie"

Well, this is fairly on-the-nose. A movie poster that actually says 'See the Movie'.

I was watching the trailers and looking at the posters and loving the movie and wondering what to do. No more. Now I know to 'see the movie'.

Is anybody accountable anymore?

Terrible clunkiness aside, a nice effort. I like the fox. He's cool. He knows he should see the movie. He just knows it. We don't, but the fox does.

And, where's is this little guy going? Probably to see the movie. He doesn't need to be told twice.


Saturday, May 26, 2012

(Secret) Catwoman Poster for 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Easily the best poster yet for TDKR or any movie in this franchise.

Via some secret code, I don't know, don't ask me. Firstshowing has details.


Friday, May 25, 2012

Jeremy Jahns Reviews 'Chernobyl Diaries'

Just doing my part.


Bruce Willis re: 'Looper': "Better Than Anything I've Ever Done"

Photo: Yu Tsai

Over at Esquire Willis says:
  • "It's better than anything I've ever done," he matter-of-facts, as he cuts up the second pear. He legitimately likes the story, the product, the director. "Rian did an amazing thing. He conceived an original story. He wrote it, sold it, stuck with it, directed it, and finished it," Willis says. "That's just tough to do in this town. Someone always weasels into the process. That didn't happen here. And if he never did anything else except that Herculean effort, he'd have made it in the business. Amazing. 
You know, I believe that. I do.


'Don Jon's Addiction' Day 3

Yeah, he looks like a guy that's addicted to porn. Exactly like.

Production blog


Clip from Brad Pitt's 'Killing Them Softly'


(New?) Trailer for Elijah Wood's 'Maniac'

We got a trailer about a week ago but it's since disappeared. Here's another which seems more intense but I'm not sure I remember -- could be the same one. At any rate, as I thought when I saw the first trailer, this movie could be either an excellent psychological examination or just a cheap gory thriller.

However, while director Franck Khalfoun cut his teeth on 'P2' and 'Wrong Turn at Tahoe', the writing team of Alexandre Aja and Grégory Levasseur, whose 'High Tension' (Haute Tension) I was impressed with, are reason to hope 'Maniac' is more than just another splatter flick.

Of course, the involvement of Elijah Wood is a good sign. The guy has good script sense and has taken risks in his stage work.

Based on the 1980 movie of the same name directed by William Lustig, which was totally B-slasher but had good story elements and, attempted at least, to create a character of some emotional complexity. There's potential here and I can understand why a remake would seem like a good idea.

Really, there's a subtlety and depth to Lustig's work. Using simple methods he created a disturbing bad guy. Why, for instance (in the trailer below), does the killer (pretend to) leave the bathroom when it's clear his quarry is in the next stall? So she'll think she's safe. He likes it that way. Not the kind of thing you see in movies anymore -- very 60s, 70s.

Strangely, as low-budget as Lustig's 'Maniac' was it had a spine and I'm looking forward to the remake. Here's a trailer (epic at 3:50) for the original.


Conceptual Poster for 'Ted'

Previous versions with the Teddy bear sitting on the couch drinking beer with Mark Wahlberg were an odd mix of tone. This one is purely conceptual and it works. Conveys a sense of mystery, makes you wonder who the bear is and how/why he's alive. Also, you want to know what he's looking at on the screen and what he thinks of it. Gets you into the character's mind then embarrasses you because the character is a stuffed bear -- clever.


Clip from Sarah Polley's 'Take This Waltz'

Camera and editing are utilitarian, but okay (some would say preferable) in the you-are-there sense. Nonetheless, scene plays brilliantly. Polley gets stuff nobody else can. In fact, I'm not sure anybody else even tries.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nuts and Bolts of Shooting 'Act of Valor'

Great write up over at Shane Hurlbut's blog. Here's a clip:
  • Based on our shooting style and the options made available by using the 5D, we shot nearly 200 hours of footage. Since there was no way to automate the syncing process between the different cameras and separately recorded audio, that became a labor intensive process for our assistant editors in Avid. Instead of using a Unity, we just duplicated the source media across our editing systems. As sequences came together, would get source lists to start Twixtoring the Canon source files in AE and link them into Premiere sequences using EDLs. We added the 2K film scans and scaled the rest of the footage to 2K to match. Here are more details about Editing Act of Valor.


Editing 'Rush'

"Spent the afternoon in the editing room. Lots of cameras lots of action = hours and days in here"

From Ron Howard's Twitter feed


New 'Prometheus' Featurette/Trailer: The Vision

You know, we've seen so many of these, and yes, they're getting a tad predictable, but this new featurette is very good. Tiny bits of new footage, comments from Ridley (he pretty much puts his cards on the table).

This resets the anticipation. Visually, sets the bar damned high. Storywise, could be one of the best in years.


Poster/Trailer for HBO's 'The Newsroom'

Wow, Jeff Daniels...

Love this poster and new trailer is great (better than the scatter-shot anger of earlier cuts).

Now they have my attention.


"What Did He Say?" Clip from 'Prometheus'

Possibly the best thing you'll see all day. by PrometheusForum


'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' Red Band Trailer


Same/Similar: 'The Apparition' and Hammer Films' 'The Quiet Ones'

Just posted the trailer for 'The Apparition', which strikes me as having an original conceit -- tough to do in the crowded B-horror paranormal activity genre. (You might want to watch the trailer before continuing).

Here's the voice-over from the beginning of the trailer:
  • "There is a scientific theory that paranormal events are products of the human mind and ghosts only exist because we believe in them. A team of researchers set out to prove this theory and create a supernatural entity with their minds. The experiment was a success."
This idea sounded familiar. I was sure I had heard that pitch before. And, I had. It's the storyline for 'The Quiet Ones' being produced by Hammer Films.

This from the movie's production announcement page:
  • ...The Quiet Ones tells the story of an unorthodox professor who uses controversial methods and leads his best students off the grid to take part in a dangerous experiment: to create a poltergeist. Based on the theory that paranormal activity is cause by human negative energy...
'The Quiet Ones' will be directed by John Pogue (assuming Hammer goes forward with it). Pogue directed 'Quarantine 2: Terminal' but is best known for writing 'U.S. Marshals', 'The Skulls', 'Rollerball', and 'Ghost Ship', and for producing 'The Fast and the Furious'.

Pogue contributed to the script for TQO along with Craig Rosenberg and Tom de Ville. But, also lending a hand with the screenplay is Oren Moverman who wrote and directed 'Rampart' and 'The Messenger'. Taken together, I'd say Hammer has an excellent property despite coming in second with an idea (very) similar to that of 'The Apparition'. (TQO is currently in pre-production while TA will roll out August 24). 

TA looks competent -- glossy, hits its marks, etc. -- but I'll bet, considering who's involved, TQO will turn out to be more rewarding, or at least more substantial.  TA looks to be the start of a franchise, while TQO seems stand-alone.

It'll be fun comparing the two.


'The Apparition' Trailer/Poster/Stills

A very neat twist on a dusty old idea. Sort of a hybrid found-footage slash paranormal investigation flick. The conceit is fresh and pretty clever -- a tough trick these days.

May be the start of a successful franchise.


Via iTunes

Comparison to 'The Quiet Ones' by Hammer Films to be directed by John Pogue


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Spanish Poster for 'Asesino del Futuro' (Looper)

Essentially, this is the first poster flipped around, but at least Bruce gets to be on top this time.


Clip from 'Iron Sky' Pretty Much Sums It Up

Leaves little doubt what the movie will be like. Played SXSW but no wide US release date yet.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt's 'Don Jon's Addiction' Day 2

Make-up artist Luisa Abel at work.

Production blog


'Fame High' Poster

This caught my eye. Very aptly captures what the doc is about -- the technique and discipline of the performing arts -- but, as learned and practiced by kids.


'The Watch' (Finally) Gets a Winning Trailer

Okay, first trailers searched for focus while, for some reason, trying to downplay the alien invasion element. It didn't work.

Then came the title change to sidestep events in the headlines. First trailers for 'The (Neighborhood) Watch' had the same feel and, with the redacted title, you just felt like someone was pulling the wool over your eyes. That didn't help.

New trailer, though, plays. This is funny. This clicks. Now I want to see this.

From TeamCoco, via Firstshowing


'Snow White and the Huntsman' Interactive Trailer/Featurette

I only looked around a bit, but there's some good stuff.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Trailer for Baz Luhrmann's 'The Great Gatsby'

Visually sumptuous. Music that could play in any club (today). Great editing.

Must-see for cinephiles just to hold your own in conversation (with other cinephiles). Can't say whether anybody else will turn out.


Will Smith and Josh Brolin Talk 'MiB3'

Yeah, I know...these interviews are usually fluff, and kinda uncomfortable fluff at that. This is good stuff. Actually informative, but relaxed. Way relaxed. Fun. Worth 7 minutes.

Really, the bit of Brolin impersonating Tommy Lee Jones is very good.

(Okay, this is fluff too, but at least they're not uptight and dreading the next stupid question).


New International Banner for 'Prometheus'

I like this. Atmospheric, but also posing a clear question: What's this? Who put this here and why?

Also, whatever language that is looks very elegant. Befitting of a poster for this movie, with this plotline.


New Poster for 'The Possession'

Well, the tagline "Pray for her" isn't very inspired, but at least this graphic is less literal and a tad more, shall we say...palatable, than the first poster, which was just a howl:

I kid, however the footage looks pretty good. Plot, though, has that limp feel -- one of those where you check your brain at the door. But, does it matter for a pure-popcorn product like this? Nope.

Opens August 31 -- should be a hot day -- nice for a silly-fun movie in a too air-conditioned theater. If we're in a heat wave that weekend flick should do okay. The hotter the weather, the more money 'The Possession' will make.


Monday, May 21, 2012

Joseph Gordon-Levitt's 'Don Jon's Addiction' Now Shooting

Written, directed by, and starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt. With Scarlett Johansson, Julianne Moore, and Tony Danza. Logline listed as:
  • The journey of a contemporary, porn-addicted Don Juan-type as he attempts to become less selfish.
Photo from the production blog.


Damon Lindelof Talks Writing 'Prometheus'

Lindelof's segment starts at about 23 minutes.

More from the Lindelof interview


Poster for Brad Pitt's 'Killing Them Softly'

With James Gandolfini, Richard Jenkins, Sam Rockwell, Ray Liotta, and Sam Shepard. Directed by Andrew Dominik (The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, Chopper).

Based on the novel by George Higgins. Originally titled 'Cogan's Trade' which made me wince. When I first heard that title I figured I would never get around to seeing this. 'Killing Them Softly' is so much better.

Very confident poster.

The (new) title and this poster alone practically make this must-see no matter what it's about or who's in it. That is, you could make a movie with just about anybody and just about any plot and, as long as you called it 'Killing Them Softly' and used this poster, I'd want to see it.

Yes. Thank you. I will.


Behind the Scenes of Tyler Stableford's 'Shattered' Shot on the Canon 1DX

You can watch the short film here.


Poster for Nicolas Cage and Mickey Rourke's 'Marble City'

So. Quien es mas loco? Nicolas Cage o Mickey Rourke.

This burning question may be answered in 'Marble City', about a guy (from the looks of it, Cage) who is released from prison and goes hunting for the man who sent him there.

Flick is directed by Ryûhei Kitamura (The Midnight Meat Train) so don't expect punches to be pulled.

Poster looks like an early photoshopped placekeeper (I mean, that can't be Cage's body -- though I like the prison tats, and the gun is too big) but, for what it's worth... Something about this seems relevant, though. I like it.

What does 'Nic Cage executes Marble City' mean? He kills the whole place? O....kay....

I'm betting they'll be keeping the tagline: From revenge comes peace. This sounds like a central story element. You know, we'll be seeing Cage sitting cross-legged on the floor meditating on how he's gonna whup Rourke's ass and thereby soothe his (Cage's, that is) tormented soul. Yeah, that's where this movie will go.

Really, especially with Rourke's involvement, this may be one of Cage's finest, at least when it comes to nutty-kooky action.

At any rate, when you get a poster, even if it's a cheesy mock-up, a full year before release, that's got to be a good thing.

From Kinogallery (Blame them)


On The 'Rush' Set

Here's a shot from Ron Howard.

And, here's a you-are-there video by Rob Austin from Monaco 2012. (Both from Ron's Twitter feed)


Poster for '360'

Quite a pedigree here. With Anthony Hopkins, Rachel Weisz, Jude Law, Ben Foster, and Maria Flor. Directed by Fernando Meirelles (The Constant Gardener, City of God) and written by Peter Morgan (The Queen, Frost/Nixon).


New Still from 'Looper'

Noah Segan as Kid Blue.

From the Looper production blog.


Clip from 'Lawless'


Teaser for PT Anderson's 'The Master'

I don't care about anything this movie is about but, to me, it's must-see.


"This Time I'm On Top" Teaser for 'Anchorman 2'


Visually Stunning Trailer for 'Skyfall'

I don't care for Bond. Never have. The sexism always made James come off a tad insecure. Never liked the look, either. Camera work has always been perfunctory. Here, though, we've got an entirely new ball game with Sam Mendes helming and Roger Deakins behind the camera. This trailer is cut. Very easy on the eyes.

Don't know if Craig's Bond will seem insecure or not but whatever he does he'll look good.

Try it without sound.


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Michael Mann Talks 'LA Takedown' vs 'Heat'

This is from a while back but is good viewing if you haven't seen it.

Part I

Part II


Friday, May 18, 2012

New Clip from 'Prometheus'

This is unedited video. Starts slow. First two clips have already been seen: "Big things have small beginnings", and "Prometheus has landed". Third clip, "Running out of time", is new and starts at 2:15

(Video removed due to copyright issues)


Trailer/Poster for Bill Murray's 'Hyde Park on Hudson'

The thing about this that's most noticeable is how much fun Murray looks to be having. He does so few movies, there's got to be something in this script.


(More 'Prometheus' Spoilers): Space Jockeys Aren't Galactic Police They Are Evolutionary Prompters

As always, you are hereby informed:




Remember this guy? From one of the first full-length trailers (I think it was the first one). The Big Blue Man. Although, in this shot by the waterfall there's nothing close by for scale. This guy could be 5'9", but really he doesn't look it. Even though he's not standing next to anything for comparison he looks tall. Taller than almost any human.

There's another, very similar looking guy, in the latest trailer.

I guess this image has been seen before. Most bloggers have thought this is David. I don't think so. Too big. And (like the blue guy at top) he's bald -- David has hair. Plus, this person seems to be working the glowing green control as if he knows what he's doing. David wouldn't know this stuff. (Yeah, he could learn it, but, I'm not going there right now). No. I don't think this is David. In fact, I don't even think this guy is human -- not exactly.

At this point I need to back up. There's a lot of set up so I'll have to ask that you be patient.

This morning, I got a comment from a reader named Dan and it got me thinking. (As you know, I do my thinking in the morning so as to get it out of the way). Dan's comment was in regard to a piece I did called "New 'Prometheus' Spoilers Lead to Exquisite Possibilities: Space Jockeys are Galactic Police".

Dan said:
  • One of the things that I feel this theory is missing that is very important is that there appear to be live Space Jockeys on the ship, which would (maybe) go against the idea of it being an automated "trap". In the trailer we see a large two-legged creature hovering over noomi rapace, and also in the short sequence where we see the female space jockey you described in the previous post, the "seat" is moving and appears to be closing in on the SJ, as if it's "buckling in". Also, the SJ in the trailer image looks very new and alive when compared to the obviously dead one in the original Alien. 
  • If it's a trap that waits for thousands of years, and especially if there was an accident involving aliens being released, why are there live SJ on it? Stasis chambers maybe?
I had considered these things but didn't mention them because they would clutter up the argument. You can read my take on Dan's question (at the link above), but this, really, is about Dan's observation about the Big Blue Man (BB) hovering over Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace).

You know, with all the plot speculation and examination of the squigglies in eyes and helmets, there's been very little said about BB. Who is this guy? Where did a 7-foot tall man come from? I was surprised that I hadn't looked at this. Sure, certain small specifics don't need to be mentioned in every argument or you'll make things hard to follow, but this big blue guy -- he's different. He's worth looking at.

So. Where did a 7-foot tall man come from. Was he hiding on the horseshoe ship (HS)? Does he live on that planet. Silly questions. The movie isn't about going to a planet and finding tall humans hiding in shadows. It's about being infected by an organism and then...what?


Once the organism gets in you, you don't die. No. That's way too simple. You change. You become different. We've known something is in someone's eye, in someone's suit, in someone's body squirming around. And, we know that organism isn't trying to kill. It has another mission. The host may die in the process but that's not the goal. The goal is to create another. Not to reproduce, per se, but to make a copy -- to replicate. But, it can't be an exact copy -- that wouldn't make sense.

And, that's where BB comes in.

BB is very human-esque. In fact, this guy is little more than a big man (yes, I like that turn of phrase). Even his face looks human. So, at this point, what do we know:

1) Squiggles get in the suits, eyes, and tummies of Prometheus crew members

2) Later, a big blue man appears

3) The process of infection and growth inside the host is not, by design, a method of killing the host

Then, what is the design? Why do the parasites infect us? Here's a bit from my response to Dan's comment:
  • it may be the large thing that looks very much like a human (that you mentioned from the trailers) started as a parasite, one of the squigglies (in the eye, inside the helmet, etc.) that ends up looking like its host once it grows to 'adulthood'. 
  • a parasite that kills its human host and looks like a human, a big tall human, when it matures. 
  • that's possible. why does it look like its host? who knows -- some simple genetic thing. something that makes perfect sense -- a copying of form. 
  • considering how much the guy in the trailer looks (exactly) like a big man, this last might be considered.
I was reading this and thinking it made a lot of sense. So, that's what I'm going with. The organism that infects the crew came from the 'Human' room in the mountain tunnel complex -- the one with the giant human face on the wall (again, you may want to read my previous assertions at the link above). This parasite is not, as I previously thought, designed to kill the human race. It's designed to change the human race.

And, that's who BB is. The next step in human evolution. The parasite infects the host, copies and modifies its DNA, then kills the host and emerges as a new life form -- one imprinted with the host's improved/modified DNA. That's why BB looks human -- he is. BB is Holloway after being infected by the squiggly thing in his eye.

As such:

1) Holloway gets the thing in his eye

2) He becomes infected with the parasite

3) The parasite grows and copies, modifies, and improves Holloway's DNA

4) Holloway becomes sick

5) The parasite bursts from Holloway's body, killing him

6) The parasite eats Holloway's body for sustenance

7) The parasite grows into the new being that looks human but is a different species with Holloway's improved DNA

8) The new Holloway resembles the original but is taller and has knowledge of the HS and mountain facility and the SJ mission to Earth

9) The new Holloway sets out to launch the HS (or another ship, say, the one under the ground covered by the 'giant opening iris' platform) to send billions of pods, each containing Human-specific squigglies, to Earth so that every person on Earth may be infected and transformed into the higher life form -- the next step in human evolution.

10) The remaining crew of the Prometheus try to stop the (new) Holloway from completing this mission

The Big Blue Man is the new Holloway with improved DNA. The SJ intend to change all of us into a higher form of being -- a member of the galactic family of advanced space-travelling beings. We would become a version of Space Jockey and would monitor the advancement of intelligent populations on planets in our zone of responsibility and, when the time came, we would infect the candidate population with the properly designed parasitic organism and change that population into the next evolutionary form. We would 'wipe out' entire planets and replace the population with the new, improved version.

This fits with my earlier conclusion: The SJ were 'exterminating' us because we had become a threat to our neighbors. But, this determination was a bit too simple. We were not being killed off, we were being changed into a more viable form. This evolutionary advancement would come at a time when we would need to be saved from ourselves, when overpopulation, pollution and warfare would threaten the planet's ecology to the point that it may not be capable of continuing to support life.

The metamorphosis, however, would appear gruesome and would have to be done against our will. Nonetheless, it would be the SJ wisdom that this would need to be done, gruesome or not.

The SJ are not a police force who exterminate a population once it becomes a threat to its neighbors. They are overseers, advanced philosophical and spiritual beings, who 'nudge' the candidate race to the next stage when the time comes so that they may advance as a species. To affect this the lesser version of the species must be replaced. This conversion would have to be done on an individual level in order to preserve that person's DNA imprint. Copying and improving the DNA is accomplished via the genetically modified parasitic organism -- the squiggle in the eye. When the process is complete the less advanced individual ceases to exist and is replaced by the newer more evolved person -- The Big Blue Man.

The SJ would do this with each race of intelligent being once that race reached a certain point in its evolution. A point after which, without intervention from a highly advanced race, the lesser race would destroy its home planet. This would, in many cases, lead to the necessity of traveling to another suitable planet to find a new home even if that meant exterminating the indigenous population in the process. In order to prevent such carnage the SJ developed squiggles and implant them in your eye, whether you like it or not, or want to join the club or not, so that you can become a Space Jockey.

And, it's getting on to noon. Morning, thinking time, is ending so I'll call it a day.


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