Monday, April 30, 2012

Poster for The Frankenstein Brothers' 'A Beer Tale'

Don't jump to conclusions. Flick was good enough to get a distributor (opens July 4)...okay that doesn't mean anything in and of itself. However, the plot...okay, that doesn't matter either. Check it yourself if you want but, trust me, it's interchangeable.

Something, though, about this poster catches my eye, tells me this is one to watch for. It may only be good as a rental (with a six pack) but it's got something going on. I'm thinking the director/star, Lee Roy Kunz (left) and Cru Ennis (right, pictured on the poster), are the real deal. Something in the eyes. Along with writer Kane Kunz, these guys might be the next-gen comedy kids.

We'll know more when a trailer rolls out.


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