Wednesday, April 04, 2012

A Cold Slap in the Face

'The Cold Light of Day' campaign hobbles along. Currently rolling out in Europe, building up steam for a September 7 US release. Flick goes unchallenged that weekend -- a good thing. Tonally, though, hard to see who this will appeal to. It's sort of 'Bourne' real, but doesn't have that level of polish. It skews more 'Salt'-esque but with sillier action that can't be considered plausible even within the scope of an action movie.

Here's the German trailer:

Okay, fine. But, check out this clip:

That ain't 'Bourne' level action and it ain't 'Salt'-esque. That's more of a Batman thing w/o the fancy once-removed-from-reality cape and suit. Here's a regular guy jumping off a roof with a rope tied around his waist (to keep him from hitting the ground)... Uh, like, that would hurt. You wouldn't get up and run away after that. Clip is, fairly, a slap in the face.

Sept. 7 CLoD will be the only movie opening but will go up against 'The Bourne Legacy' in its 6th week. Yeah, it'll be 6 weeks old, but the point is nobody will be in the mood for CLoD with TBL still playing (which it probably will, at least on a few hundred screens). CLoD will also go up against 'The Expendables 2' in its 3rd week -- much more direct competition that fits squarely with genre fans -- and 'ParaNorman' also in its 3rd frame.

The week after 9/7 CLoD will get blown away by a slew of strong titles, 'Resident Evil: Retribution' most notably.

Not sure who this is for. With Bruce Willis and Sigourney Weaver, however, CLoD has to at least be fast-forwarded through. I'll get the disc from the $2 bin and look for the good parts.


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