Thursday, July 12, 2012

'Total Recall' Featurette Plays an Ace

Folks have been a tad guarded about this and I suppose that's just so. However, (I may be dreaming) but there's something about the way Kate Beckinsale, Colin Farrell, and Jessica Biel (and producer Neal Moritz and director Len Wiseman) talk about the movie that speaks of confidence. These guys know it's locked down and are sincere in their descriptions. And, really, you don't see that a lot. Actors try, but you can see through it.

For instance, Farrell at 2:21, "Hugely impressive and really clever." Come on. You can't say that with a straight face unless you mean it. He does, it shows.

Then, there's dialogue. Beckinsale's "I give good wife" breathes, and Farrell's "If I'm not me, then who the hell am I" is the kind of line that gets phoned in when the actor knows the script sucks, but Farrell steps up and delivers as if this were an indie awards flick.

Screenwriting is by Kurt Wimmer who added depth of character to 'Salt', and Mark Bomback who kept the action in 'Live Free or Die Hard' and 'Unstoppable' clicking along nicely.

There's also some very cool cityscape visuals which go a long way to counter the knocks the film has taken re: a generic/derivative look. Not only that, but the new snippets of action are good. Plain ole good. Wiseman found a fresh approach.

From what I've seen 'Total Recall' brings it. This will end up being must-own on Blu-ray.


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