Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Stilted Clip from 'Total Recall'

Things were looking so good. The director, producers, and stars were all so sincere. I believe the "It's such a special movie" and "I can't wait to see it myself" comments. Featurettes clicked. Loved the trailers. I thought it was a 'cut above'. Then...we get this clip.

So play-acty. Okay, let's just say it. Fake-ass fight choreography and writing that just don't work.

Still, though, I'm holding out. TR might deliver, but not so much on the hand-to-hand stuff. That's okay. I'm okay with that. I'll still buy the Blu-ray and go make fresh popcorn during the mano-a-mano fight scenes. That'll be about 6 cubic feet of popcorn per viewing, but I'm...okay with that.


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