Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Informative Banner for 'House at the End of the Street'

Really, there shouldn't be houses at ends of streets. If we've learned anything we know that's never a good thing. Put houses in the middle of streets, not at the end. Save the end of the street for an empty lot, or something. But, not an old Indian burial ground, just an empty lot haunted, at worst, by beer bottles and discarded condoms. That's horror enough.

But, on to this banner. Informative, as I mentioned. For instance, it reminds us it's 'deeply scary' and has an 'awesome twist'.

And, if that isn't enough we're admonished to fear its secret -- that would have to have something to do with the guy in the window. Yes? That's what I'm going with at this point.

You know, that's not so secret. I mean, you can see the guy plain as day. It's like, "Hey, who's that ominous guy in the window? Creepy. Let's get out of here!"

Secret would be, say, if the guy was hiding behind the curtains, peeking out from the corner so you couldn't see him. That's secret. Standing there when it's dark out with the light on so everybody can see you -- not secret. That's more like advertising how messed up things are in this particular home and what a weirdo you are. That's more like 'The House at the End of the Street with that Really Messed Up Guy who Stands in the Window Watching Kids Play and Girls Walk By and Stuff that Everybody Knows to Stay Away From'. That's what that's like.

Nice banner. Informative. Thank you, banner.


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