Thursday, July 12, 2012

Poster/Trailer for 'The Dinosaur Project' -- aka 'Science? We Don't Need No Stinking Science!'

Huh? These guys go into the jungle and 'happen upon' a bunch of dinosaurs? Well. That solves the pesky scientific problem 'Jurassic Park' dealt with, that is -- dinosaurs are extinct. The idea that hundreds of them could still be living (so deep in the jungle that they have remained unknown...for the last 5000 years, including the decades since satellites have been photographing every square inch of the planet) is a little preposterous. Okay, it's a whole lotta preposterous.

If the flick can get past that monumental stumbling block it could be fun. You'd probably have to be pretty hard up, but it could be.

I'm calling this a Saturday morning rental, except you don't rent it you just watch on TV...with your kids...until they leave and it's just you sitting there alone on the couch staring at the boob toob eating breakfast cereal out of the box like a dumbass thinking Homer Simpson thoughts like, "Hmm, diiinooosaaauuurs. Scary."


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