Wednesday, July 18, 2012

2 Different Versions of the 'Taken 2' Trailer: One for Sensitive Understanding (Wimpy) Americans, and one Swarthy (I Kill You Now?) Europeans


In the domestic version of the trailer for 'Taken 2' Liam Neeson clearly says, "Listen to me carefully, Kim. Your mother and I are going to be taken."

And, that was always my understanding about the plot -- both Neeson's character and (AND) his wife are abducted. Both. Not one, both -- two of them.

Happens at :37 seconds.

However. In the international trailer Neeson says, "Listen to me carefully, Kim. Your mother is going to be taken." Neeson does not say he will be taken as well. Just 'your mother'. "Your mother (is)" not "Your mother and I (are)." In this trailer only mom gets nabbed.

I know what you're saying: Dude. No way. You're hearing things. Check it out -- at 1:11.

So. Is this an(other) example of foreign machismo? Is the notion a male protagonist could be taken hostage, or allow himself to be taken, so unpalatable in other countries they need to gloss over (read: flat out lie about) such plot details in trailers meant for international markets?

Will there be two versions of the movie? I can just see it. There will be one edit in which only the wife is abducted made for swaggering sweating always drinking and smoking European men (and such) who would never allow themselves to be taken hostage -- (no fucking way I kill you now asshole), and another in which both the husband and wife are taken made for touchy-feely oh so politically correct forward-thinking Americans who know that a man can be kidnapped at gunpoint just as easily as a woman and that absolutely is not a reflection on one's manliness -- (pardon me whilst I avert my eyes in a demure manner and take a sip of my double low-fat vanilla latte made with organic milk and fair-trade coffee [not too hot or I'll complain to the manager!!!] topped with whipped cream from a can, thank you very much).

This is just like the Spanish poster for 'The Expendables 2'. Their title: 'Los Indestructibles 2'. No. No sir. Our guys aren't 'expendable' -- that would be too, what's the word?, limp. Our guys are INDESTRUCTIBLE! They can't freaking be destroyed. Your wimpy American men, they are expendable. Disposable. Nobody cares if they live or die. Our guys: tough, can't be killed or injured -- reeeeeaaaaaaal men. In-goddam-destructible.

Machismo. Alien to us, heartfelt to them.

Gotta say, very interesting indeed. Really... That says a lot. But, what do I think of it? Do I appreciate how Euro-man can't deal with the concept that he might be victimized and how he lives a direct and effective life not taking shit from anybody? Or, do I hold Euro-guy in contempt for being a narrow-minded ass?

Do I applaud American liberalism or do I think we're a country of toe-the-line girly boys who strive not to offend?

I don't know. A little of both? How typically American of me.


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