Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Next Poster for 'The Possession'

This requires review. Remember the first poster for this movie?

Yeah, I know. Well, no matter, people loved it. It creeped people out. Fine.

Then, we got a more by-the-numbers graphic.

Nothing wrong with that. Weird that it's not only outside, but in a parking lot like, maybe, at the mall around 4 in the morning, or something. Plus, she's being pulled up or looks like it, anyway. Odd, strange, eerie (I guess is fair).

Now, we get this.

So, first a hand/arm comes out of her mouth, then she goes to a parking lot in the middle of the night, then...a bunch of butterflies come out of her mouth.

Makes you wonder what will come out of her mouth next.

Oh, and remember, this is 'based on a true story'. It was in all the papers. A few years back. It was quite the sensation, if I recall.


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