Monday, July 23, 2012

'The Bourne Legacy' Featurette -- Not That That's a Bad Thing...

Okay, this is starting to look a tad glossy. Not that that's a bad thing -- you get what you paid for: Popcorn, a well-made flick, a fun time at the movies. But, I'm not getting the sense this will be what 'Identity' was. Not that that's a bad thing ('Identity' was pretty strong).

All they have to do with 'Legacy' is not drop the ball and they look to have enough new stuff, new hooks, with the genetic alteration that yields a super-agent and whatnot, to keep the franchise moving forward.

The logical next step (duh) is a Bourne with both Jeremy Renner and Matt Damon. Then, when the dust settles, see about putting a bow on things with a killer last installment that will enable everyone to hold their heads high.

Right now, it's looking like 'Legacy', despite action sequences by writer-turned-director Tony Gilroy that aren't the smoothest, holds up its end of the the bargain and moves all the pegs forward one space.

Featurette is fair, though I don't quite buy what it's selling. New footage and a couple new plot elements.


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