Thursday, July 19, 2012

Neon-Deco Pinball Machine Poster for Arnold Schwarzenegger's 'Last Stand'

Very 80s title, but that's perhaps for the best.

Love the poster graphics. Nice layout, with a strong left to right forward push. Good video-game motif for the highway/dead bodies. 80s video game font as well -- I'm seeing a pattern. Wondering what, if any, game plot/camera elements will find their way into this.

The tag: "Some highways lead to hell. Some lead to much worse." works too. Not bad. (Look for AC/DC's 'Highway to Hell' in the soundtrack).

IMDb currently lists the title as 'The Last Stand' but this looks to be in flux. Plain ole 'Last Stand' is way better (and way less 80s).

Directed by Jee-woon Kim, who did the sizzling 'I Saw The Devil', which -- by itself -- makes this absolutely can't-miss, must-see, don't even think about it.

Written by (or, more correctly, writing supervised by) George Nolfi, who penned 'The Adjustment Bureau', 'The Bourne Ultimatum', 'Ocean's Twelve'. Another very good thing.

Make no mistake...Arnold is back. Really, he's already looking stronger than ever.

Must-own on Blu-ray.


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