Thursday, August 05, 2010

Tweaking the Poster for 'Piranha 3D'

New poster for 'Piranha 3D'.

Not bad. I like the improved title font/design, but needs tweaks. They might gray down the blue water (or add some green). Maybe desaturate a bit. Color is weird -- too pure blue. That, and brightening the girl.

I'm thinking something like:

The tag 'Sea, Sex, and... Blood' shouldn't be vertically stacked. So, instead of:


You get.


Going across would allow for a huge font, maybe twice as big, and would fill all the negative space in the sky and improve the balance of the layout between the empty sky and busy fish. Also, creates less of a tombstone effect.

If it's going to be vertical, the 'And...' needs to be centered better. (Which is almost impossible). Going horizontal solves a lot of problems.

Would also raise the saturation level of red in the title. One of the first things most bloggers do when they get a poster (and most photos) is to bump color saturation. When they boost saturation to get the title to look 'blood red' enough the water will be so over-saturated it'll be blown. Will look terrible. Need to balance.

Last thing I'd do is make the biggest fish (in the middle) face (to the viewer's) left instead of the right. Would have a more unsettling effect. Facing to the right is more correct and natural because we read right to left. Turn Toothy the other way (and possibly offset from center) and it will be disturbing to the viewer in a subtle way and they won't know why -- good thing for a one-sheet for a gory horror movie.

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