Monday, August 16, 2010

Expendable Daffy Dudes

Vera Bermuda on the continuing trend of cuddly-cute guys as leading men. I think she's on to something:

So the Daffy Dude is the new leading man. We have done away with tough, suave, and dynamic, and replaced it with something much more realistic and attainable, but the thing is, while they’re undeniably cute and attractive to many, I’m not sure who the Daffy Dude functions as a romantic torch for. I have a suspicion he isn’t there primarily to be attracted to. I think the Daffy Dude is probably more attractive to other dudes, as he alleviates the pressure to be perfect.

That makes a lot of sense. But, then 'The Expendables' just crushed the weekend while Pilgrim vs. The World hobbled in with about $10 million, so, go figure.

But still...that makes sense. What she said.

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