Friday, August 27, 2010

Another Proper Poster

Staying with the 70's spy/killer movie look, here's another poster for 'The American'. I'm thinking this will be a very classic movie star turn from Clooney -- the kind of thing cinefiles will appreciate. General interest seems to be simmering, though.

Based on a novel by Martin Booth, 'A Very Private Gentleman', (a very proper classic title) which begins:

High in these mountains, the Apennines, the spinal cord of Italy, with its vertebrae of infant stone to which the tendons and the flesh of the old world are attached, there is a small cave high up a precipice. It is very difficult to reach. The narrow path is littered with loose stones and, in the spring when the thaw comes, it is a running stream, an angled gutter two hundred metres long, slicing across the sheer surface of the rock face, collecting melt-water as the scar incised in the bark of a rubber tree channels sap.

Yes, he's British, born in 1944, and his writing reads just so. The clips I've seen from 'The American' have the same feel as Booth's prose. No fancy camera work, no slick too-cool body language, action scenes that play straight forward, with a sober directness when dealing with details of the killer's craft. Sort of anti-Bourne. Refreshing in its way. I'm looking forward for sure, but don't see this one doing huge box office. It's more of a rental/cable/TV type movie event.

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