Friday, August 20, 2010

Finally. A Good Poster for 'Buried'

I haven't liked any of the posters for 'Buried' up to now. They've been too literal -- a guy buried under the ground -- sometimes both gagged and with his hands tied (what's up with that? The guy is buried yet gagged. So, what?, he won't yell for help. But, dude, he's got a cell phone. Why'd you give him a cell then gag him? Is that really stupid or really cruel in a hokey way? Duh).

Anyway, you could feel the impossibility of his situation. He's buried, there can't be more than a few minutes air, the cell won't work because all the dirt will block the signal, etc. So, why see the movie? Previous posters sapped the sense of fun and suspense movies are supposed to entice us with.

This poster, on the other hand, draws me into the story. I'm wondering how and why this person found himself in a buried box with a lighter and cell phone, and, how's he going to get out. Who will he talk to on the phone? What will he tell them?

I had written off 'Buried' based solely on posters that were blunt and overly eager-to-sell-the-really-unusual premise, but I might see it now. Guess when you give away too much in the one sheet it's a turn off.

This poster works.

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