Friday, August 06, 2010

Terry Gross with Will Ferrell and Adam McKay...'The Other Guys'

At Fresh Air, Terry Gross talks with Adam McKay and Will Ferrell about 'The Other Guys':

FERRELL: Right. No, I didn't do that. But I did go to a I wanted to give myself a standard-issue haircut, and I did go to a Supercuts in the San Fernando Valley and just walked in and got a standard haircut, and I then forwarded the pictures to Adam. And you kind of were shocked. You...

McKAY: It was a thing where we heard Will was going to do it, and in theory, it sounded like such a great idea, but you know, you have to remember, when you're about to go into a movie, that look is what you carry for the whole movie. So...

FERRELL: I think your quote was: We still want you to look good on camera. But the haircut was was perfectly bad, in a way, and we kind of had to reshape it.

GROSS: Did the haircutter not know who you were?

FERRELL: She cut my hair for 15 minutes, and then halfway she didn't say a word, and then finally, towards the end of the haircut, she's like, you're one of the "Step Brothers," aren't you? And I said yes. And then that's all we mentioned it. We didn't talk anymore. So that was, it was kind of funny.

GROSS: And you didn't say, I came here expressly for a bad haircut.

FERRELL: No, no. I just in fact, very few words were spoken.

McKAY: So it was an awkward silence in the room?

FERRELL: It kind of was. It was an awkward haircut.

McKAY: Was there a dog barking in the distance?

FERRELL: There should've been.

Audio: 20:36

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