Friday, July 09, 2010

'Silent House' Shot in One Take?

'La Casa Muda' (Silent House) is a stock haunted house story from Uruguay directed by Gustavo Hernandez.

Laura (Florencia Colucci) and her father (Gustavo Alonso) spend the night in a remote cabin so that they can start repairs in the morning. They hear strange sounds. The father goes to investigate. When he doesn't come back Laura starts nosing around.

Spicing things up, though, is the chilling revelation that this is a 'true story that happened some time ago in a small village'. Got it.

Materials I've seen are pretty unremarkable, but there is one thing about the movie that catches my eye -- the claim it was shot in one continuous take on a Canon 5D II. That's pretty hard to believe, but would be cool if true. I don't see how you could overcome the logistics of a single 78-minute take covering action throughout a cabin, including on the second floor, without flubbing it even for a second.

The trailer features shots that would, on a practical level, be next to impossible to get in one take. Although, I suppose if you tried enough times you'd get it, but that could drive your crew crazy and require a bunch of takes -- like, maybe dozens.

Trailer is moody and holds some promise, but the picture seems to rely too heavily on gore as a selling point. Will check it out just to see if the supposed 78-minute take stands up to scrutiny. Hopefully, I'll be able to stand the 'Real Fear in Real Time'.

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