Thursday, July 29, 2010

What's Funny About That?

Scott Bowles bemoans the state of the comedy:

The live-action comedy, which just a few years ago was one of Hollywood's most bankable genres, has little to laugh about this year. Among the top 10 films so far in 2010, the only comedies are animated movies: Toy Story 3(No. 1 at $380.6 million), Shrek Forever AfterDespicable Me ($164.4 million). You have to go to No. 11, Grown Ups (143.2 million), to find a hit comedy with human beings.

...lately, comedies simply haven't been that good, says Jeff Bock, analyst for industry tracking firm Exhibitor Relations.

Paul Dergarabedian chimes in with:

Lately, it seems, all we're getting is serious fare and kids stuff.

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