Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Times Square Kiss

One of the most famous shots ever made, and a personal favorite. 'Times Square Kiss' by Alfred Eisenstaedt shot on VJ Day, August 14, 1945.

It's safe to say this is one of the shots that made me want to be a photographer.

KTLA reports the nurse in the photo has died:

LOS ANGELES -- The nurse who claimed to be at the center of the iconic " Times Square Kiss" World War II photo has died.

Edith Shain died Sunday at her Los Angeles home of liver cancer, according to her son, Robert. She was 91 years old.


"I went from Doctors Hospital to Times Square that day because the war was over, and where else does a New Yorker go?" she said in 2008, when she donned a white nurse's uniform again and was grand marshal of New York's Veterans Day parade. "And this guy grabbed me and we kissed, and then I turned one way and he turned the other. There was no way to know who he was, but I didn't mind because he was someone who had fought for me."

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