Monday, June 21, 2010

Green Hornet Pics

Here are the first pics from 'The Green Hornet'.

They look good -- nice pyro work. Seth Rogen (Britt Reid/Green Hornet) looks to have slimmed down to play the title character.

It's way early but, judging from these pics, my gut feeling is that TGH will be a hit. Rogen's career will take a different trajectory if that's the case. He's been an obvious go-to guy for raunchy comedies, but the sophomoric 'stoner-dude' schtick can't hold its appeal forever. If TGH scores as a franchise Rogen will be fielding offers for a much wider variety of roles.
I hadn't realized Cameron Diaz is in this. Look forward to it.

Yahoo has the hi-res versions. A trailer will roll out tomorrow.

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