Thursday, June 17, 2010

Don't F*** My Mom!

I've only seen a few trailers for 'Cyrus' and read a couple interviews with its stars, but I totally agree with the tone of Marshall Fine's review.  Fine says:

We've all seen the movie that Cyrus could have been: the mildly wild story of a grown son doing what he can to secretly sabotage the romance between his mom and her newest beau.


In the Hollywood version, much contrived hilarity ensues, involving one embarrassing situation after another for the suitor, all of them manipulated by the Eddie Haskell-ish son.

'Cyrus' looks to me as if it crisply sidesteps Hollywood treatment. The latest trailer is both offbeat and charming -- a rare mix for an American movie, but common for a European production -- yet there is a thread of honesty that prevents things from devolving into schtick.

Jonah Hill (portraying Cyrus), the son who is threatened by his mother's suitor, puts off the most subtle yet virulent possessive vibe, making it clear he intends to do whatever it takes to defend his territory. Not a character likely described in a typical Hollywood pitch.

And, apparently, Hill scores a most memorable line. According to Fine:

Cyrus isn't overtly hostile (though he utters what may become the summer's obscene catch-phrase, at dinner: "Don't f*** my mom")...

'Cyrus' looks like the relationship movie not often presented by Hollywood -- funny without taking cheap shots, and mature without being plodding.

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