Thursday, June 10, 2010


The documentary 'Gasland' by Josh Fox won the Sundance Special Jury Prize for best U.S. documentary. It's coming to HBO June 21.

Fresh Air talks with Fox:

"The first thing that I heard about was a woman [whose] water well exploded on New Years Day of 2009. And it sent a concrete casing soaring up into the air and scattered debris all over her yard. And then other people started to notice that their water was bubbling and fizzing, that their water had been discolored. By the time I got there a month later, there were children who were getting sick [and] animals who were getting sick and the whole place was pretty much laid to waste. There were gas well pads everywhere. There was incredibly heavy truck traffic. It seemed like normal life had just been turned completely upside down."

Highly recommend watching the trailer just for the 'burning tap water' shot.

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