Saturday, August 04, 2012

Short Film 'Man and Beast' Shot on Canon C500

This is about Dr. Alan Rabinowitz. Here's a clip from Wikipedia:

  • Rabinowitz grew up in Brooklyn, New York. In grade school, he was placed in a special education class due to a severe stutter; which often caused his body to twist and spasm when attempting to speak.[4] Unable to communicate with his peers and teachers, Rabinowitz became interested in wildlife, to which he could speak. At this point, Rabinowitz made a promise to animals that if he ever found his voice, he would use it to speak in their defense.[5]

Here's his appearance on The Colbert Report.

The film was shot on the Canon C500 which records 4k (4 x 1080p).

Here's the film.

(Be sure and change the resolution to 720p -- control appears in lower right after (not before) you click play)


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