Friday, August 31, 2012

Trailer for 'The Comedy'...A Drama

If for nothing else, worth watching just for the snippets of reviews. Like these from the site:

“deserves tremendous respect for its clarity of vision... It’s not ‘Animal House,’ it’s Lars von Trier’s ‘The Idiots.’ —IFC

“A dark, determinedly abrasive study of a slovenly Brooklyn hipster … this singular Sundance entry is certain to split reactions every which way… Heidecker … gives a compulsively fascinating performance… Alverson's unfussy filmmaking breathes quiet assurance” —Variety

“by far one of the most wildly inappropriate and pitch black comedies I’ve ever seen in my life” —Film Threat

“Word on the street is you either love or you hate The Comedy -- an acerbic accounting of an over-privileged, aged Williamsburg hipster. I never knew what the main character, played perfectly by Tim Heidecker in his first dramatic role, was about to do -- not even for a second. For me, that was a major triumph of the film.” —The Huffington Post


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