Thursday, August 30, 2012

Click Click Red Band Trailer for 'Seven Psychopaths'

Just goes to show what a good director (that would Martin McDonagh, 'In Bruges') can do. Everything here just works. You expect it to be self-conscious, cliche, phoned-in, but it's good.

And, hard to believe, every moment is your favorite. Woody Harrelson's manic hood is cute and plays, well, real -- you hang on every word. Christopher Walken is always solid but here he rises above (don't ask how). Sam Rockwell is pure money. Gabourey Sidibe delivers, like don't even think about it. And Colin Farrell is just so, even with lines that would make other actors look silly he just shines. Tom Waits turns what seems like a toss away scene into something fun and worth watching.

These performances, these line readings, could be lifted from an awards contender. Every gesture, each tick, is informed by the actor's soul. You almost never get that even from high profile dramas.

Yeah, good direction. This script might have yielded a trite wooden snoozer but McDonagh got some great performances and brought it all to life.

Good stuff. Can't wait.


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