Thursday, August 23, 2012

New On-The-Nose 'Killing Them Softly' Poster

Not that it's bad. I didn't say that. It's just terribly literal-minded. Direct. Let me think...shows a lot of focus.

What do we learn? 1) Movie stars Brad Pitt. Check, got it. 2) He has a shotgun and is, well, killing someone (not that softly and from not that far away, not exactly 'from a distance' but let's not split hairs).

Yes, this is a simple poster. I like how there are no capital letters in the title -- that would run the risk of scaring people. And the giant font makes it easy to read. White against solid black helps, too. That's a nice touch.

And, once all that reading is done there's only one other graphic element: Scowly-faced Brad Pitt pointing a shotgun.

N o t   h a r d   t o   f o l l o w

When you compare it to the first poster it all makes sense.

What does that say? (Violent) American guy with revolver? See, it's not that easy to understand and that's where the new poster steps in. It clears things up. First one sheet was a snazzy artsy conceptual eye-catcher that only elite well-educated cinephiles (and a handful of movie bloggers) could appreciate, sooooo the next poster had to balance things out and be as plainly spoken and direct as possible.

"Violent movie with Brad Pitt shooting the place up."

Cause, let's face it, not everyone can appreciate subtext. We'll call this new poster 'advertising for dumb folks'. (Now, now. Don't take offense, cause if you do it marks you as a stupid mofo).

So, remember, when 'Killing Them Softly' opens at your local theater be sure to run out and see it. There will be an announcement when this happens. A simple straightforward announcement. The theater will have popcorn, fun snacks, and soda. Bring money.


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