Friday, August 31, 2012

Trailer for 'Fin' (The End)

"The end is closer than you think."

I saw a trailer for this a few months back and knew it was one to watch for. Directed by Jorge Torregrossa, 'Fin' will play TIFF. Here's a bit from their write-up:

  • As the film begins, a group of friends who have not seen each other for twenty years meet up for a weekend at a remote cabin. Fond reminiscences soon turn to bitter recriminations, however, as the former friends volley blame at each other for an incident long past that none has been able to forget. The tense atmosphere becomes more ominous when they discover that this impromptu reunion has been engineered by the one member of the group who has not shown up: a friend they once referred to as "The Prophet," whom most of the group abandoned when he went into treatment for psychiatric problems. 

  • As the reunion approaches its boiling point, a series of inexplicable events occur. All power goes out; clocks and watches freeze at twenty past midnight; cellphones go dead and cars don't start. When the group sets out on foot in search of help, they discover nothing but abandoned homes and vehicles; there is not a single other human being in sight. As the friends desperately wander through the darkness, surrounded by a natural world that now seems to be closing in menacingly upon them, one by one their group gets steadily smaller — and it soon becomes apparent that survival will depend not just on braving the elements, but on facing up to the repressed memories and unspoken guilt that each carries within them.

Yeah, that's something to chew on. The kind of movie you watch at home, with the lights down and phones turned off. Looking forward, and hoping for a Hollywood remake.

Here's a new trailer -- same as the previous one but with subtitles.


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