Tuesday, August 07, 2012

New Trailer for 'This is 40'

Okay, whatever. I don't like comedies so don't listen to me, but I watch this, stare at this, and don't think it's funny, not really -- but, that's normal for me. Means nothing. It should mean nothing. Not to you.

Okay, it's funny, but in a distant way. I'll go that far. Funny but distant. Like muffled laughter heard through the wall. You know something was funny, and hearing the laughter is uplifting, but you don't know what the joke was. But, it's still funny on some level. You sit there listening to the people one room over, one apartment over, one life over, and you know something is funny, you just don't know what. Maybe you smile a little. Maybe your mood is lightened by just that much. You're happy for them. That's not a bad thing for a movie to make you feel. Is it? Nah.

One thing about 'This is 40' I'm interested in is Megan Fox. I know, I know, she's taken a beating but I like her acting, her ability, think she has something to offer. She's brassy but honest. She looks good (no, not that way, but yeah she looks good, but I mean her performance is good, what little we see of it) in this trailer. Really, I think Fox could turn out to be an essential element for comedies. A foil for other actors/characters to work against. An actor/character that brings the others to life, makes everything a bit better, funnier. People will say about some random movie down the road, "Yeah, it was good. It has Megan Fox! Everybody else is funnier when Megan Fox is in a movie."

I'll give it this. The movie has a very polished look. Nice as it looks it's almost too deliberate, though. Like there's a metronome ticking and everything is synched to its perfect beat. Every bit falls into its slot just so. Technically very good and nice, but with a too pure rhythm. A tad mechanical? No, it's not that bad. I wouldn't go that far. Just very controlled. Funny and controlled. Not stiff, just...I don't know. Don't listen to me. I don't like comedies.

'This is 40' is funny but perhaps just a smidge too properly put together. That's not a bad thing. Is it? Nah.


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