Friday, August 10, 2012

'Hemorrhage' Trailer/Poster

Sometimes, just by chance, with a minute to spare, I'll watch a trailer for some obscure flick and, within seconds, know the movie is worth taking note of and the director is someone to watch for. 'Hemorrhage' is just such a movie and Braden Croft is just such a director.

The pitch is fairly generic:  

  • Recently released from an institution and determined to contain his homicidal urges, a young man attempts to piece together his broken life with increasingly disastrous results...

However, the movie looks to rise above expectations that come with such a premise. Croft's work has a spine and, perhaps, soul. 

A clip from Variety's review:

  • With an early hat tip to Hitchcock's "Psycho," helmer Braden Croft's micro-budgeted "Hemorrhage" initially hints at an innocent's view of evil. Instead, this thriller, birthed in darkest Canada (Edmonton), positions itself inside a man's schizophrenic hallucinations, never quite fessing up to which horrific episode is real or imagined, and keeping the viewer consistently off-balance. While some of the seams show, and Croft's approach is not entirely new (Lodge Kerrigan's "Clean, Shaven" comes to mind), it's an auspicious debut for a director with a creative eye, and could achieve cult status.

This from Filmthreat:

  • Canadian indie horror film Hemorrhage is a slow burn that starts with a bang, a gunshot that goes right through you and ricochets in your brain for another hour. Opening with some pseudo documentary interviews and antique surgical footage, Hemorrhage works because it focuses on characters and story to create atmosphere instead of relying on cheap scares and gratuitous gore. It’s not so much scary as deeply unsettling. First time director Braden Croft pulls out great performances from his cast and uses a tiny budget to his advantage. It also manages to put the “psycho” back into psycho-killer. 


  • Definitely talents to watch for.

Can't argue.

'Hemorrhage' played at Fantasia Fest. Here's their talk with director Braden Croft.


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