Sunday, June 03, 2012

'Red Lights' Rollout...A Bit Creaky

At this point the campaign for 'Red Lights' is, well, anemic. We just got character posters with very on-the-nose taglines. Like this one.

"Your brain lies to you?" Really? And, printed over the guy's face? Really? (Told you they were on-the-nose).

Others are just as bad as what Cillian Murphy got stuck with. I won't bother to post them, but Elizabeth Olsen's says: 'Don't trust your eyes'. That just sits there. 

Robert De Niro's posters says: 'What do you think you know'? Not sure what that hopes to accomplish.

Sigourney Weaver got the best line: 'The truth is an illusion'. Okay. Yeah, sure. That fits. That's the fancy, conceptual version of 'Don't trust your eyes' and 'Your brain lies to you'. Really, that should be the tag for all the posters. That one works.

The movie's Facebook page isn't exactly on fire, either:

Okay, at least they can count on 50 ticket sales for sure and, possibly, another 20 after that.

These new talk-throughs with Sigourney Weaver, though, encapsulate the tone of this marketing effort fairly well.

You know, this is the kind of movie I like. Footage has looked good, I like these actors, I'll see this (on disc) -- for sure...promise. But, it won't be thanks to this rollout.


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