Friday, June 29, 2012

International Trailer/Poster for Pascal Laugier's 'The Tall Man' (aka 'The Secret')

This movie, apparently, is being re-labeled 'The Secret' in an attempt (it's safe to presume) to get some distance from very bad reviews of 'The Tall Man' -- a dubious sleight of hand, but I guess you can't blame them.

I'm not sure what the droning collection of footage we got yesterday was supposed to accomplish. It squelches any sense of anticipation for the movie and serves as a ringing endorsement of negative assessments. Note: The video has been removed for a 'breach of the Terms of Use' (by whom I don't know, but not me), which may, at least to some extent, explain the clunky footage -- as if it wasn't meant to be viewed without further editing.

This new trailer (which is much more tightly cut) sells the picture fairly well. At this point, however, it's largely academic.

Still though, for die-hard fans of the genre, it's fun to watch and pretend the movie is coming out and you're going to see it, and to pine for what might have been. For hardcore extremist die-hard fans who still plan to see The Tall Man/The Secret, this trailer makes the idea of watching the movie enticing indeed.

Trailer comes late in the day but, taken together with the domestic poster, a nice effort.


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