Thursday, June 14, 2012

Trailer for 'Sinister'

This looks good. Camera is well done, a cut above for this kind of product. Ethan Hawke finds the groove, as does Vincent D'Onofrio (normal for both). Seems like there's potential for a real story, real arc.

And, perhaps most noteworthy, the premise actually clicks. That an evil entity connects via imagery (like in a film or video) and becomes one with the viewer of such media (a twist on the urban legend which was the basis for 'The Ring') is scary and, considering this is in fact a movie, it might cause a bit of giddy niggling fright in the back of the minds of kids in the audience who might sense the creeping signs and symptoms of early-onset demonic possession as the film progresses.

Looking forward.

Still, poster and snippets from reviews


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