Monday, June 25, 2012

Poster and New Trailer for 'Robot & Frank'

Yeah, I know. You see that poster and title (not to mention the tagline: "Friendship doesn't have an off switch" -- ooph) and you're planning to be out of the country when this movie plays. And, that's what I thought after the first wretched trailer, too. Looked like one of those movies of the week where an elderly guy learns to enjoy life again due to the influence of an artificially intelligent yet smart-in-the-way-that-counts robot.

And...that's exactly what it's about, except the hook is pretty cool, the robot doesn't come off so smart/smarmy/cutesy it makes you sick, and the premise plays out smoothly with no wink-wink acting -- everybody is committed and it works. If the ending delivers this could score at the box office.

Really, though, any chance to see Frank Langella, Susan Sarandon, and Liv Tyler.

New trailer plays great. Must-rent, and remember, friendship doesn't have an off switch!!!! It doesn't.


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