Monday, June 11, 2012

Trailer for 'The Prey' (La Proie)

Looks very good and seems fair material for a Hollywood remake. On that note, plot reminds me of Nicolas Cage's upcoming 'Stolen'. Here's that logline:
  • A former thief frantically searches for his missing daughter, who has been kidnapped and locked in the trunk of a taxi. 
I read somewhere that Cage's character just got out of prison for robbery (of some kind) and his former partner (who didn't get caught) kidnaps his daughter in order to get Cage to give him his half of the money.

These elements kind of line up with what's in the trailer, though it seems the protagonist in 'The Prey' has completely different motivations for breaking out of prison. 'The Prey', however, seems much more complex (in that typically French/Euro way).

Here it is with subtitles.

Here's a version with better picture.

Directed by Eric Valette (One Missed Call). Opens this summer in Japan and the UK. We may see a theatrical release this fall, though it should already be available on disc.


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