Friday, June 08, 2012

Latest Poster from Tom Hodge: 'Frankenstein Created Bikers'

From James Bickert, the director of 'Dear God No!' and 'Dumpster Baby'.

Here's a clip from the write-up on Tom's blog:
  • After the first one (Dear God No!) i just wanted (and needed) to create the most outrageous exploitation biker image imaginable... I knew the sexy dynamite lady had to be central and i thought what could be a more OTT, cheesy, sexy with a 70s vibe than some outlaw bikers riding forth from out from between a girls fishnet suspendered thighs... Also it was a twist on creaition and brth of the bikers, seriously i'm sure a counselor would have a field day with this image!! (theres lots of issues going on here!!). 
Tom created some great posters for 'Hobo with a Shotgun' and 'The Innkeepers', among others. They're among the best done.


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