Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Posters by Tom Hodge

Here's the new poster for 'The Innkeepers':

Simple, eerie. Love the customize letter I. Works.

Look familiar? That's because it was designed by the same guy that did the first poster:

Has a very old-fashioned storybook vibe. Creepy, with an adventurous zing.

His name is Tom Hodge. Of the new poster (top), Tom says:

Here is the second poster for Ti West's The Innkeepers and this is as about as minimal as i get! Its designed more as teaser poster unless ive grinded away for days on these poster illustration i think something is wrong!! So this one was done as an extra because Ti and Larry Fessden liked the concept so much.

Its very much designed as a homage to the serious Mystery/Thriller posters of the 70's. Again still incorporating that Victorian vibe, which relates back to the hotels mysterious past...

Hodge also did what I consider to be one of the best posters this year, possibly of all time, for 'Hobo With A Shotgun':

That's some good stuff. Perfect placement of the elements. Very deep comin atya 3D feel. Good sense of story. Love it.

Here's how Tom got the gig:

i posted a message on the hobo site saying i do posters etc, love to knock something together for you guys and the next thing i know Jason Eisener emails me back saying:

" I'm extremely impressed by your work. We seem to share the same artistic inspirations... Would love to see what you could do with Hobo With a Shotgun.... P.s Your Jaguar Lives is inspiring. Also did you make that vigilante video logo? Its amazing. "

I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of his work. Head over to Tom's blog, TheDudeDesigns, for more insight.

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