Friday, August 23, 2013

The Buzz Of The Day: You Know Who Will Play You Know Who

I guess I'm not an expert. I'm first to admit -- I ain't no fanboy. Don't have the vocabulary, don't know the storylines, don'

And, sure, Jeremy Jahns is erudite to say the least. The guy knows his geeky stuff. However, I disagree. Ben Affleck strikes me as the perfect Batman. Thinking about it though, as Jahns mentions toward the end of the video, Affleck makes the perfect Bruce Wayne...but Batman? Maybe, not so much. I'll give him that.

The thing I don't get, for sure, is the tentative title of this flick: 'Batman vs. Superman'. Wha? How does Batman fight Superman? (I'll give you a moment).

Nonetheless, I'm willing to wait and see. I'm thinking they'll knock it out of the park. And, if not (please, no) Affleck can start his comeback all over again.

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