Saturday, August 03, 2013

More Action, Less Social Commentary

Everybody knows Neill Blomkamp's movies are loaded with social commentary. That may have worked for 'District 9' but with 'Elysium' the idea hasn't added much. I'd say it's drained some of the energy from the campaign.

Here, though, we finally get a trailer for the masses. Looking for pure action? This sells 'Elysium' as just that.

Thing is, buzz is flat and I'm thinking it's a bit too late. This should have been the first trailer. They should have sold the movie up front as a popcorn action flick then let on just how much of a 99%-us-vs.-them vibe it has later on, once prospective audiences were locked in.

But, better late than never. This is the best 'Elysium' trailer so far.

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