Thursday, August 15, 2013

(Really Nice) International Poster for '2 Guns'

I guess it's the international poster cause the movie's played here. And, again, as usual, this one sheet beats the hell out of what we got. Remember this cringer?

Generic design (or lack of it. This is just a still from the movie with some added graphics), action-y helicopter and money with post-production blur smeared on, and -- yeah -- that's about it unless you count the way big font title that barely fits in frame.

Here's the international take. Nice. Graphic. Elegant. Seriously. I'd put this on the wall. Our version? Just crumple it up and toss it over your shoulder.

Why is this stuff too good for the US market? Why? Are we so effing vapid that a nicely designed poster would be a waste? You gotta wonder...

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