Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Non-Digital, Gritty

'Getaway' will make money. This should come in #1. They've put together something people want to see.

How, though, is this different from 'Fast/Furious' and why should it draw an audience? I think it's the realness of the stunts. We're just tired of CGI, too-smooth, weird looking action. Not that FF is loaded with CGI, but... Okay, so that leads me to the next thing -- It's not as comic-bookish as FF. Real? Realistic? Maybe not, but more real than FF.

There's also a level of immersion in the action that comes from having all those cameras. An average of 25-30 per take? That's coverage. I think people will respond.

That begs the question -- FF doesn't immerse the viewer? Not so much. There's a distance to the FF camera work (possibly due to striving to avoid destroying expensive cameras). FF has a gloss 'Getaway' doesn't have. Slick and clean vs. gritty and messy.

Then, there's the nature of antagonism. In FF, it's operatic. Gang vs. gang. Kinda impersonal, kinda so-what. In 'Getaway' it's mano a mano, albeit via video uplink. I think people want to see that. The 'Voice' vs. this poor slob in a muscle car. Audiences will want to see how that turns out.

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