Tuesday, August 20, 2013

'Taken' With Fast Cars -- aka -- 'Getaway'

It's the line at the end of the trailer -- "First I'm coming for my wife, then I'm coming for you" -- that reminds me of the 'Taken' setup. And, hearing it for the first time in this trailer, I'm struck that they may hope for this to kick off a franchise. Though, how exactly you'd manage to get this structure in more than one movie -- guy with a fast car races to complete tasks in time while a guy threatens his wife/family -- I don't know, but that's what they're hinting at.

Although, the protag could wrap things up nicely by robbing the bank, then managing to get the 'voice' all in one movie, but that's asking a lot. It's looking like Voice may appear in another movie...'Getaway 2'.

Still, trailer moves at a clip and the action has that 70s grit, that realness people miss, and Ethan Hawke has cred right now. This could score.

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